Gay Movies



Compiled by J. McRee Elrod and Richard J. Violette

Last updated: 25 December 2014

The following is a selected list of movies in which gay male
characters and themes are central to the story, or have
important supporting parts.

Some of the earlier films contain characterizations that might be
considered stereotypical or offensive today, but are important to gain
an historical perspective on the changing perceptions toward gays.
These films to a greater or lesser degree reflect our reality and help
us see ourselves. Most of the films are in English, with some better
known foreign- language films and TV movies represented.

Not included are gay porn, movies about lesbians (e.g.,
"Silkwood", "Desert Hearts", "I've Heard the Mermaids
Singing", and the more recent silly spoof of gay deprogramming
"But I'm a Cheerleader"), campy and/or homoerotic cult films
with male or female gay icons lacking explicit gay content
(e.g., "The Women", "Auntie Mame", "Mommie Dearest", most John
Waters' films, Steve Reeves' "sword and sandal" films), or
movies in which transsexuals or transvestites are used as a
plot device with little reference to homosexuality (e.g.,
"Glen or Glenda?", "Some Like It Hot", "Tootsie", "Mrs.
Doubtfire", "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean", "The
World According to Garp", "Crying Game" and even "Different
for Girls"). Drag queens are, however, well represented by
such films as "The Adventures of Priscilla ...", "To Wong Foo
." and "Torch Song Trilogy". Also omitted are movies in
which the gay element although important is largely
suppressed, e.g., "Suddenly Last Summer", "Cat on a Hot Tin
Roof", "The Servant", as are films in which the gay element
is subordinate to some other subject such as murder, e.g.,
"Rope", "Swoon", and "Compulsion"; again, there are exceptions
such as "Cruising" (a controversial film deserving of
reappraisal) and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Some films have a gay sensibility, address our issues, and
have helped form our attitudes, but have no clear gay content,
from "Show Boat" (especially that rendition of 'Bill"), "The
Member of the Wedding", and "Auntie Mame", to the more recent
"Billy Elliot" and "Good Will Hunting" (although lacking an
overt gay character, reflects its gay director's sensibility,
and addresses issues important to gays such as alienation and
mentoring). On the other hand, "American Beauty" is listed
here because of its gay sensibility, the fact that the gay
couple briefly appearing in it is shown as the best-adjusted,
most "normal" relationship, and the key role homosexuality
plays in the climax. The one brief gay encounter in "Full
Monty" wasn't considered quite enough for inclusion, nor the
gay character(s) in "Titus", "Big Daddy", "Flirting with
Disaster", and "Plunkett and McCleane". The inclusion of all
films with gay characters would create too long a list.

It is interesting to watch these films and see how the portrayals of
gay men have evolved, from the early portrayals of repressed,
self-loathing, and often suicidal characters in films like "Advise and
Consent", "The Sergeant", "Reflections in a Golden Eye", and "The Boys
in the Band", through more sympathetic, yet still often stereotypical,
characters in the last twenty years, though such films as "Longtime
Companion", "Jeffrey", "The Birdcage", and "Philadelphia". Recent
common themes have been coming out or coming of age stories, coping
with AIDS, and the social and amorous couplings of a group of friends
=E0 la "Love! Valour! Compassion!" Foreign films offer surprisingly
unusual perspectives; some of the most original and enterprising
portrayals of gays have come from Catholic countries like France and
Spain, or repressive societies such as China, while such liberal
cultures as those of Scandinavia or the Netherlands have yielded few.
English Canadian film makers lag behind their Qu=E9b=E9cois and even
First Nations cohorts in examining gay characters and issues.

Increasingly gay films are being released by such distributors as TLA
and Wolfe, which have not had theatrical distribution, such as "Angora
Ranch". In many cases, their poor quality explains their lack of
distribution, but there are exceptions such as "Broadway Damage",
which do have merit.

This list is selective, subjective, not comprehensive; any suggestions
for additions are welcome. An asterisk (*) indicates those we find
particularly enjoyable (e.g. "Beautiful Thing") or significant (e.g.

Most non English films are listed under their English title, with cross
reference from the original language title.


2 minutes later (2007)
Gay twin, an investigator, attempts to find missing brother,
famous erotic photographer.

3-day Weekend (2008)
Two gay couples invite four singles to a remote vacation house;
one couple breaks up, and a new one forms.

3 Guys, 1 Girl, 2 Weddings (French : 2006)
Gay and straight best friends have difficulty accepting their
respective partners.

24 Nights (1999)
Gay book store clerk expects Santa to provide Mr. Right.

24tj Day (2004)
HIV positive man kidnaps sex partner he blames.

29th & Gay (2006)
Gay man reaches 29 without satisfying job or lover of his dreams.

200 American (2003)
Gay man decides to hire a hustler.

A corps perdu see Straight from the Heart]

A toute vitesse see Full Speed

Adam & Steve (2005)
Comedy concerning two New York gay men in their 30's building a
relationship despite embarrassing one night stand 18 years earlier.

Adored (Italian : 2003)
Story of a porn star.

Adventures of Felix or Funny Felix = Drole de Felix (French : 2000)
HIV positive man hitchhikes across France in search of his

*Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Australian : 1994)
Gay man travels Australian outback with drag queen friends to
visit son. Cf. To Wong Foo ...

Advise and Consent (1962)
Closeted gay senator blackmailed for political purposes.

Alex and Leo = Alex und der Lowe (German : 2011)
Two Berlin men just out of relationships, one with a man, one with
a woman, have a rocky beginning of their new relationship.

All Over the Guy (2001)
Rocky relationship of two gay men who meet on blind date set
up by friends

All the Rage (1998/2003)
Gay lawyer in Boston South End attemps to leave promiscuity for

Almost Normal (2005)
Gay man in coma rexperiences highschool as straight, when being gay is
the norm.

Altitude Falling (2011)
An older younger gay couple try to survive in the regimented world of 2024.

*American Beauty (1999)
Suburban man's mid-life crisis has a few gay twists.

Amnesia: The James Brigham Enigma (French Canadian : 2005)
Gay bashed young man wakes up naked in a Montreal parking lot with

Amour ataire see Love to Hide

Amours imaginaires see Heartbeats

And the Band Played On (1993)
Docudrama based on Randy Shilts work on reaction to AIDS
crisis. Made for TV.

And Your Mother Too = Y tu mama tambien (Mexican : 2001)
Two young men explore their sexuality with a slightly older
woman on a trip to the beach.

*Angels in America (2003))
Kushner's two part apocalyptic view of America at the turn of
the century. HBO.

Angora Ranch (2006)
Young advertising man falls in love with man his father's age, when
stranded; amateurish but charming. Amateurish.

Anonymous (2004)
Gay man addicted to anonymous sex looses partner, apartment,
and job.

Another Country (1984)
How British private school treatment created a spy.

Another Gay Movie (2006)
Ridiculous attempt at a gay "American Pie", with gay high school
graduates trying to get laid.

Antarctica (Israel : 2008)
Tangled relationships of some gay men in Tel Aviv.

Antes que anochezca see Before Night Falls

Apartment Zero (1988)
Prim young man takes on identity of street hunk.

Apo tin akri tis polis see From the Edge of the City]

Arisan! (Indonesian : 2006)
Gay architect has trouble accepting his sexuality, until he meets
an openly gay movie producer. "Arison" is an Indonesian social group
which draws for pooled money.

Arizona Sky (2008)
Movie producer returns to Arizona home town in search of boyhood

Art of Being Straight (2008)
Inconclusive story of photographer who moves from East to West coast,
and finds he might like gay sex.

As Good as It Gets (1997)
Obsessive-compulsive homophobes comes to befriend gay artist.

As Is (1986)
Male couple reconsiders relationship when one is revealed to
have AIDS. Made for TV.

As Luck Would Have It (Swiss French : 2005)
Older university professor complicates his life by attempting to
remain in the closet.

Away (A)wake (2005)
Experimental explortion of two adolescent's angst, of of some of the
damaged people in their environment.

Baby Shark see Teen Angst

Back Soon (2007)
Widowed man finds characteristics of wife in man who had near death
experience at the same time as wife's death. Two formerly straight men
form an attachment.

Bad Education (Spanish : 2004)
Movie within a movie concerns relationships begun in Catholic school.

Be Mine (2009)
Two gay men meet and marry their first loves.

Bear Cub = Cachorro (Spanish : 2004)
Spanish bear uncle and grandmother fight of custody of young boy.

BearCity (2010)
Twink has thing for older hairy men, one in particular.

Beau Travail (1999)
"Billy Budd" in French penal colony.

Beautiful Launderette see My Beautiful Launderette

Beautiful Thing (1996)
The story of two British gay teens in love in a housing estate.

Bedrooms & Hallways (1999)
Gay man joins new-age men's group and falls for Irish
member, who experiences his first gay relationship.

Beefcake (1999)
Semidocumentary about models in homoerotic muscle magazine of
the fifties and early sixties.

Before I Forget (French : 2007)
An aging former gay gigolo attempts to cope with his declining life.

*Before Night Falls = Antes que anochezca (2000)
Life of gay Cuban poet and novelist Reynaldo Arenas.

*Beginners (2010)
Senior comes out as gay, with support of son and younger lover.

Being at Home with Claude (French Canadian : 1992)
Hustler explains why he killed john whom he loved.

*Bent (1997)
Tragic gay love in a Nazi concentration camp.

Best in Show (2000)
Dog show mokumentary.

Between Love & Goodbye (2009)
Transgendered sibling creates difficulties for gay brother's

Between Something & Nothing (2008)
Art students experiment with drugs, sex, and hustling.

Bewegte Mann, Die see Maybe, Maybe Not

*Big Eden (2000)
New Yorker returns home to Montana to discover a too-good-to-
be-true gay-friendly rural community, and the love he has
been missing.

Big Gay Musical (2010)
Stars of off-broadway show find their lives mirroring their

*Billy Elliot (2001)
Young boy wishes to dance, not box.

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)
Young gay photographer has unrequited love for hunk.

Birdcage, The (1996)
Unconventional gay parents cope with son's marriage to
daughter of conservative Senator; Americanized version of La
Cage aux Folles .

Birds of a Feather see Cage aux Folles, La

Blackmail Boys (2011)
Gay hustler and lover attempt to blackmail anti-gay activist

Blossoming of Maximo Olivero (Philippino : 2005)
Twelve year old gay boy torn between his criminal family and
policeman he loves.

Blue Citrus Hearts (2004)
Confused family and school lives of two Memphis boys who fall in love.

Boca a boca see Mouth to Mouth

Book of Daneal (2006)\
TV series concerning Episcopal priest with gay son.

Books of John (2008)
Diaries of dead lover lead partner to surprising discovery and new love.

Bookends (2008)
Scrambled relationships of gay, straight, and bi friend,s told in
scrambled chronological way, centering on a birthday gathering.

Boy Crush (2007)
Seven gay shorts, often about thwarted young gay love.

Boy Culture (2006)
Gay hustler forms family with two room mates, has difficulty accepting
emotional attachment.

Boy With the Sun in His Eyes, The (2009)
Young gay Boston man travels Europe with Black female entertainer
who is more than she appears.

Boyfriends (1996)
Relaxing English country weekend for gay friends turns out to
be anything but.

Boys in Cellblock Q, The (Australian : 1992)
All the boys in a prison work farm are gay.

Boys in Love (1998)
Three gay fictional shorts

*Boys in the Band, The (1970)
Tragicomic revelations at a gay birthday party; outmoded and
stereotypical, but a milestone.

Boys Life (1995)
Three short coming-of-age films: "Pool Days", "A Friend of
Dorothy", "The Disco Years"

Boys Life 2 (1997)
Four more short coming-of-age films: "Must Be the Music",
"Nunzio's Second Cousin", "Alkali, Iowa", "Trevor"

Boys Life 3 (2000)
Five more short coming-of-age films: "Majorities in Space",
"Hitch", "Inside Out", "Just One Time"

Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema (1993)
Six short films of gay life.

BoysTown (2005)
"Queer as Folk" type TV pilot.

Breaking the Code (1997)
Homophobia and its effect on cryptography genius Alan Turing.

*Breakfast with Scott (2007)
Gay former hockey player and his lover are suddenly faced with the
care of a young boy who is even gayer than they.

Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story (1996)
Movie-of-the-week treatment of the gay Olympic diver. Made for TV.

Broadway Damage (1996)
Two gay would be actors and woman friend tackle New York,
with mixed but comic results.

*Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Two western cowboys find love in a mountain wilderness.

Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, The (2000)
Gay buddies fall in and out of love in West Hollywood.

Brother to Brother (2005)
Young gay Black artist discovers Harlem Renaissance through eyes of older

Brotherhood, The (2000)
College fraternity turns out to be den of vampires.

Bubble (2007)
Gay Israeli and friends try to protect his Palestinian lover.

Burned (2008)
Husband and father's one night stand proposes to
daughter in effort to force father to accept his sexuality.

Business of Fancydancing, The (2002)
Tensions develop when Native American gay writer returns to
reservation for friend's funeral.

Butley (1974)
Butley, a professor at a London University, finds out that his wife
wants a divorce, his boyfriend is leaving him, and his untalented
colleague is getting a book published, all in one day.

C.O.G. (2013)
David Sedaris story of young Yale student who explorres how others
live in Oregon apple orchard, factory, and as artisan.

C.R.A.Z.Y. (French Canadian : 2005)
Growing up reluctantly gay in a large Quebec family with a homophobic

*Cabaret (1972)
Gay man has bisexual affairs in Berlin as Nazis rise to
Cachorro see Bear Cub

Cage Aux Folles, La (aka Birds of a Feather) (French : 1978)
Gay male parents cope with marriage of son.

Cage Aux Folles II, La (French : 1980)
Gay couple becomes entangled in espionage plot.

Cage aux Folles III - "Elles" se marient, La (French : 1985)
Partner in gay couple will inherit a fortune if he marries a
woman within a year.

California Suite (1978)
Multiepisode film includes one with Oscar-nominated actress
and her gay husband.

Camp (2003)
Summmer musical theatre camp; a gay "Fame".

Carrington (1995)
Artist Dora Carrington's relationship with gay writer Lytton

*Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)
Wife tries to regain affection of husband as he mourns for
his dead male companion, in midst of family gathering
for ill patriarch.

*Celluloid Closet, The (1995)
Documentary on the history of portrayal of gays in film.

Change of Heart, A (1998)
Woman is shocked to discover her husband is a closeted gay
man.. Made for tV.

Chef's Special (Spainish : 2008)
Gay chef's life complicated by arrival of his son and daughter
from an earlier marriage, and closeted soccor playing lover.

Cheun gwong tsa sit see Happy Together

Chicken tikka masala (2005)
Gay South Asian considers marriage with land lady to remain with
his lover and please family.

Children of God (2009)
Gay white artist and gay black musician face homophobia in Bahamas.

Children of Hannibal = Figli di Annibale (Italian : 1998)
Gay bank robber hostage takes advantage of situation to stary new

*Chorus Line, A (1985)
Prospective dancers, some gay, tell their stories.

*Chris & Don (2007)
Beautifully done documentary of the relationship of Christopher
Isherwood and Don Barchardy.

Christopher and His Kind (2011)
TV account of Christopher Isherwood's life, including time in
Berlin, and revisit, to just before meeting Don Barchardy.

Chuck & Buck (2000)
Social misfit's crush on childhood friend.

Ciao (2008)
Best friend, and internet date, of a gay man meet after man's

Ciel sur la Tete see Times Have Been Better

Circuit (2001)
Small town gay cop moves to LA, and falls prey to circuit party life.

City of Vice. First Season. Episode Three (2007)
Gritty costume police drama set in transvestite/gay "Molly house" of
1750's London, England. Issued on DVD with five episodes and "making
of" featurette.

City of Your Final Destination, The (2009)
Graduate student attempts to gain approval for writing an authors's
biography from the deceased author's wife, mistress, and gay brother.

Clan, Le see Three Dancing Slaves

Clandestinos + Undercover (Spainish : 2007)
Young men escape prison; one hustles while trying to reconnect with
Basque separtist lover.

Clapham Junction (2007)
Excellent British ensemble cast portrays intersecting lives of gay men
up and down the social scale, including gay bashing and an
intergenerational relation. Inspired by true events.

Closet, The = The placard (French : 2001)
Dull man pretends to be gay to keep job, and finds his life
becomes interesting.

Clueless (1995)
Vapid, rich, spoiled high school student matures a bit when the boy
she fancies turns out to be gay.

Cock & Bull Story (2004)
Southside Chicago young man attempts to box his way out of poverty amidst
homoerotic attraction and homophobia.

Coffee Date (2006)
Blind date set up with gay guy as joke turns into friendship and more.

Come Undone = Presque Rien (French : 2001)
Nineteen year old has difficulty accepting his mutual
homoerotic attraction with another young man, while his
family disintegrates.

Common Ground (2000)
Three stories of being gay in a small Connecticut town
through the years. Made for TV.

Company, The (2003)
Diffuse account of a ballet company, including gay members.

Compleanno, Il see David's Birthday

Compulsion (1959)
Muderous lovers think themselves bright enough to escape detection.

Connie and Carla (2004)
Women hide as drag queens among gay men.

Consenting Adult (1985)
Mother has difficulty coming to terms with son's homosexuality.
Made for TV.

Consequence, The = Die Konsequence (German : 2006)
Man boy love thwarted by father of boy, who has him sent to reform school.

Contadora is for Lovers (2006)
Tourist male/female couple have affair with bisexual hotel host.

Contracorriente see Undertow

Cosas del Quere, La see Love's Doing

Cost of Love, The (2011)
Handsome upper level hustler is in love with straight friend, and is loved
by drag queen.

Cowboys & Angels (2003)
Naive young Irish man is remade by gay roommate, with stumbles along the

Crazy see C.R.A.Z.Y.

Crocodile Tears (1998)
Man with AIDS makes a deal with the Devil.

Cruising (1980)
Straight cop goes undercover in New York's gay leather
community to investigate serial killings; controversial at
the time due to objection to gay stereotypes; cf Partners.

Crutch (2009)
Young man having problems at home develops scual
relationship with his drama coach. Based on true story
of director, who plays the drama coach.

*Crying Game (1992)
Gender confusion in midst of Ireland violence.

Curiosity of Chance, The (2006)
High school coming out story.

Cutsleeve Boys (2006)
London England's Chinese gay subculture.

Danny in the Sky (2001)
Handsome son of gay father tries to make it as a model.

Dante's Cove (2005-2007)
Two seasons and "lost" pilot of young gay men's romances in a mysterious
town with supernatural elements. Made for TV.

Dare (2009)
Girl and her best gay friend desire the same fellow student.

David's Birthday = Il Compleanno (Italian : 2009)
Psychiatrist falls in love with friend's visiting son, with tragic results.

*De-Lovely (2004)
Cole Porter's bisexual life set to his songs.

Death at a Funeral (2007)
Dead husband and father's midget male lover shows up at funeral.
Later Hollywood remake with Black cast of this British film far
less funny.

Death in Venice (Italian = Morte a Venezia : 1971)
Middle-aged composer becomes obsessed with beautiful boy in
Venice; cf Love and Death on Long Island.

Deathtrap (1982)
Gay playwright and lover plot to kill the playwright's wife.

Deep End (2002)
Mother defends gay son.

Defying Gravity (1997)
Closeted gay fraternity member deals with gay bashing of

Denied (2004)
Recent college jock is has unrrequited love with his possibly
bi roommate.

Devil in the Holy Water (2001)
Confused documentary concerning the Gay Pride demonstration
in Rome during the year of Jubilee.

Different Story, A (1978)
Gay man and lesbian in marriage of convenience.

Do Comeco ao Fin see From Beginning to End

Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
Gay man holds up bank to pay for lover's sex change.

Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992)
College student brings his fiance home to meet his
dysfunctional family and faces his true sexuality.
Made for TV.

Dong gong xi gong see East Palace, West Palace.

Donna Herlinda y su Hijo (Mexican : 1985)
Mother builds menage including gay son, his wife, and his

Don't Tell Anyone = No se lo digas a nadie (Peruvian : 1999)
Young gay Lima student survives coming out with prejudiced
father, overly devout mother, and closeted lover.

Dorian Blues (2005)
Coming of age story of the relationship of gay and straight brothers
dealing with father's favouritism

Dorian Gray (2010)
Oscar Wilde's Dorian as ageless bisexual killer, while portrait in
attic reflects his depravities.

Dreamers, The (2004)
Young American male student in Paris become involved with male
and female twins, during 1968 student rebellion.

Drift (2000)
Gay Asian Canadian writer, illegally in L.A., has
relationship problems and imagines various outcomes.

Drole de Felix see Adventures of Felix

Due er Ikke Alene see You Are Not Alone

Dying Gaul, The (2005)
Gay screen writer has tragic affair with bisexual movie executive.

Early Frost, An (1985; made-for-TV)
Young man comes to terms with AIDS and homosexuality.

East of the Wall = Westler (German : 1985)
Gay Cold War love story with men on opposite sides of the
Berlin Wall.

East Palace, West Palace = Dong gong xi gong (Chinese : 1996)
In China, homosexuality isn't illegal, but homosexuals are
routinely persecuted by police and arrested for "hooliganism"...

East Side Story (2007)
Hispanic waiter encounters new gay neighbours, and discovers his own

Eating out (2005)
Straight man with gay roommate pretends to be gay to get to female
roommate of gay man, resulting in comedic mix up.

Eban and Charley (2000)
Relationship between 29 and 15 year old gays.

*Eclipse (1994)
Canadian bisexual variation on "La Ronde" in Toronto during a solar

Edge of Seventeen (1998)
Gay coming-of-age in mid-eighties midwest.

Edward II (1991)
The story of England's 13th century homosexual king filtered
through a late 20th century sensibility.

End of Love (Chines : 2009)
Handsome gay Hong Kong youth experiments with hustling
and drugs.

Englishman in New York, An (2010)
John Hurt as Quinton Crisp in his later years.

Entertaining Mr. Sloan (1970)
Amoral bisexual hustler seduces brother and sister.

Escorte, L' (French Canadian : 1996)
Gay couple gets male "escort" as a "gift".

Eternal Summer (Taiwanese : 2007)
Gay teenager falls in love with best friend he has known since primary
school, complicated by a girl falling in love with each in turn.

Ethan Mao (2004)
Chinese gay young man ejected from home forms bond with another young
hustler, and they confront his family when attempting to retrieve his

Event, The (2003)
Why are there so many deaths in fashionable Chelsea, New York's
gay community? Intrepid reporter, Parker Posey discovers the truth.

Everyone (2004)
Vancouver gay couple and extended family have difficulties the day of
the couple's planned union ceremony.

Fabulous : the Story of Queer Cinema (2006)
Interviews with gay movie critics, producers, writers, directors, and actors.

Fag Hag = Okoge (Japanese : 1992)
Woman falls in love with gay couple.

Family Stone, The (2005)
A prospective fiancee upsets an extended family which includes a deaf
gay son and his Black lover.

Fantasma, O = The Phantom (Portugese : 2003)
Young Lisbon trash collector has strange sexual encounters at night,
and become obsessed with motorbike owning young man on his route.

FAQ's (2005)
Black drag queen takes young gay men under her wing/

Farewell my Concubine (Chinese : 1993)
The more than 50 year friendship of two Chinese opera stars, one of whom
plays female roles.

*Far From Heaven (2002)
1950's-set drama of the effect of husband coming out on
traditional wife, who turns to Black gardener for comfort and

Far Side of the Moon (French Canadian : 2004)
Man searches for meaning of his life, and to re-establish a relationship
with his gay brother.

Fate ignorante, Le see His Secret Life

Faustrecht der Freiheit see Fox and His Friends

Feluettes, Les see Lilies

Five Sences (1999)
Intertwined stories involving a mssing child, and the senses, including
a gay man with a keen sense of smell.

Fighting Rommy Riley (2005)
Older boxing coach has unrequited love for young boxer he is training.

Figli di Annibale see Children of Hannibal

Finding Me (2009)
Young black gay man with homophobic father has difficulty accepting
self and forming relationship.

Finding North (1998)
Kooky straight woman befriends suicidal gay man whose lover
has just died of AIDS.

Five Senses, The (1999)
Five Canadians, one gay, each has a failing sense, creating
relationship problems,

Flawless (1999)
Former cop undergoes stroke rehabilitation with the help of a
drag queen.

Flirting With Anthony (2005)
Bisexual couple have multiples sex encounters on road trip.

Fluffer, The (2001)
Young man enters sex trade to get close to straight star of
gay porn movies.

Food for Love (2003)
Based on David Leavitt's novel "The Page Turner", a young
piano students falls for a concern pianist and has passionate
affair in Barcelona.

For a Lost Soldier = Voor een verloren soldaat (Dutch : 1998)
Young Canadian soldier and Dutch boy have affair at end of
World War II.

Forbidden Letters (1976)
Erotic letters between a young man and his jailed male lover.

Forgive and Forget (1999)
Moving account or working class young man who comes out as in
love with best friend, with bad result.

Fortune and Men's Eyes (1971)
Young man goes to prison and is initiated into gay sex.

Four Letter Word, A (2008)
Romantic misadventures of gay men in New York.

*Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
Friends attending these events include a gay couple.

Fourth Man, The - Vierde man, De (Dutch : 1983 )
Bisexual man seduces woman, then her boyfriend.

Fox and His Friends = Faustrecht der Freiheit (German : 1975)
Fassbinder's acidic film is about a gay carnival performer's
lottery win and subsequent social rise and fall.

Fresa y chocolate see Strawberry and Chocolate.

Freshman Orientation (2008)
Straight guy pretends to be gay to get girl.

Friends & Family (2003)
Comedy featuring gay couple as mob enforcers.

From Beginning to End = Do Comeco ao Fin (Argentina : (2009)
Half brothers become lovers, but must cope with separation.

From the Edge of the City = Apo tin akri tis polis (Greek : 1998)
Young male Kazakhstan immigrant in Greece takes up hustling
and pimping.

Full Speed = A toute vitesse (French : 1998)
Three men and one woman are inter related by unrequited

Fun Down There (1988)
A week in the life of Buddy, newly arrived in Manhattan from
upstate New York and ready to fall in love.

Funkytown (French & English : 2011)
Montreal disco scene in the 1970;s.

Funny Felix see Adventures of Felix

Garcon Stupide (French Swiss : 2005)
Pretty young gay man has emotional relationship with female friend,
while aimlessly having sex with multiple men.

Get Real (1998)
Teenage boys in an English school fall in love.

Get Your Stuff (2003)
Gay couple become foster parents to troubled brothers, and take
in mother as well.

Giornata particolare, Una see Special Day, A.

Go-go Reject (2010)
Skinny dancer rejected by gay clubs makes it dancing tor
women. 20 min. short film.

*Gods and Monsters (1998)
In 1950s Hollywood, gay movie director James Whale is
attracted to his straight gardener.

Gogi is a Bastard = F. Est un Salaud (Swiss French : 2001)
Disfunctional relationship between 16 year old boy and gay drug using
rock singer.

Gohatto [aka Taboo] (Japanese : 2000)
Homosexual desire among samurai in 1865 Kyoto.

Gone but not Forgotten (2003)
Mystery romance and amnesia.

Bood Boys (Israel : 2004)
Difficult lives of Tel Aviv hustlers.

Gosford Park (2002)
Murder in a country house, with young man who plays
on both teams.

Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brulantes see Water drops
on burning rocks

Graffiti Artist, The (2004)
Two Seattle graffiti artists of differing ethnic and class backgrounds
hook up.

Grand Sons = Petit Fils, Le = (French : 2005)
Slightly dotty grandmother and her gay grandson.

Green Plaid Shirt, The (1996)
Gay man recalls his relationship with recently deceased lover
and friends.

Gypsy Boys (1999)
Hective love lives of gay San Francisco bar patrons.

Half-Life (2009)
Confused relationships within an Asian American family and friends,
including relation of gay adopted son and a teacher.

Hamam see Steam

Handsome Harry (2010)
Former sailor seeks resolution of gay bashing of friend 30 years earlier.

*Hanging Garden, The (1997)
Gay man, formerly a fat, troubled teen, revisits Nova Scotia
home for sister's wedding.

Happy Birthday (2002)
Snippits from the lives of some urbanites sharing the same
birthday, including several gays, and an "ex-gay".

Happy Endings (2005)
Comedy of mistaken parentage, including gay couple and young man just
coming out.

Happy Together = Cheun gwong tsa sit (Hong Kong Chinese : 1997)
Hong Kong Chinese gay lovers make-up and break-up their way
across Argentina.

Hard (1999)
Gay detective chases serial killer of gay hustlers.

Harry and Max (2004)
Pop musician brothers have troubled love/erotic relationship.

He Likes Guys (2007)
Eight short gay films, some addressing a variety of social issues.

Head On (Australian : 1998)
Young Greek man in Australia struggles with gay identity,
family relationships.

Heads or tales = J'en Suis! (French Canadian : 2006)
Architect must pretend to be gay antique dealer to keep high paying

Heartbeats = Les amours imaginaires (Quebec : 2010)
Gay man and best woman friend hanker after the same sexually
mysterious man.

Heights (2005)
Bisexual Jewish lawyer hiding a past relationship with a well known gay
photographer, attempts marriage to photographer daughter of famous actress.

Hey, Happy (2001)
Gay ravers party in a Winnipeg junkyard.

His Secret Life = Fate ignorante, Le (Italian : 2001)
Roman widow discovers and becomes friend with dead husband's
gay lover.

*History Boys, The (2006)
Remarkably homophobic free presentation of the joys of teaching and
learning, in an atmosphere homoeroticism between agreeable boys and
gay teachers.

Hold You Tight (Chinese : 1998)
Gay Hong Kong real estate agent and former lover of a wife killed in
an airplane crash, both develop relationship with young widower, and
the former lover with a look alike of the wife who missed the flight.

Hold Your Peace (2011)
Gay man has difficulty when asked to be best man at his ex lover's
wedding, and show up with young man pretending to be his lover.

Holding Trevor (2007)
Young gay man torn between drug addicted first love, and handsome
doctor inexplicably attracted to him.

Hollow Reed (1996)
Child is caught between gay father and his mother's abusive

Hollywood je t'aime (French & English : 2009)
Parisian has interesting encounters on Christmas holliday in LA.

Home at the End of the World, A (2004)
Menage a trois (2 men, 1 woman) have a baby; based on Cunningham's novel.

Home for the Holidays (1995)
Thanksgiving with dysfunctional family which has gay son.

Houseboy, The (2008)
Boy toy of gay couple has identity crisis.

Hsi yen see Wedding Banquet]

Humpday (2009)
Two straight best friend men attempt to make gay erotic video.

I do (2012)
English gay uncle marries lesbian friend in attempt to remain in New
York with widowed sister-in-law and niece.

I Love You Phillip Morris (3010)
Love struck con man attempts to free his lover from prison.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)
Two firemen pretend to be gay to gain fringe benefits.

I Think I Do (1997)
Gay man comes out to gay best friend at wedding.

I Want to Get Married (2011)
Single California gay man wants to find mate before Proposition 8
ends equal marriage rights.

Ice Men (2005)
Five long term friends, including two at odds brothers, one gay man,
and one sexually ambivalent man, gather for a traumatic winter weekend.

In & Out (1997)
Gay teacher outed by former student's Oscar speech.

In Extremis see To the Extreme

In the Blood (2006)
Gay student suspects friend of being serial killer of blond students, and
a danger to his sister.

In the Flesh (1997)
Troubled hustler suspected of murder saved by detective who
falls in love with him.

In the Gloaming (1997)
Gay man with AIDS causes emotional upheaval when he returns
to his suburban family to die. Made for TV.

Innocent (2005)
Young gay Hong Kong immigrant to Toronto has difficulty dealing with
family breakup and his homosexuality.

Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Anne Rice's homoerotic vampire story

Iron Ladies (Thailand : 2000)
True story of Thai gay volley ball team winning championship game.

Issues 101 (2004)
College freshman in fraternity copes with sexuality.

It's In the Water (1996)
Improbable comings out in the midst of a small town reaction
to an AIDS hospice.

It's My Party (1995)
Gay man dying of AIDS plans his suicide.

J'en Suis! see Heads or tales

Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster see Yes Nurse, No Nurse

J'ai Tue Ma Mere (French Canadian : 2009)
Tempetuous relationship between Quebec mother and her closited
gay adolescent son.

Jeffrey (1995)
Gay man finds it difficult to accept love in time of AIDS.

Jerker (1991)
Erotic film from the AIDS era about phone sex.

Johns (1996)
Male prostitute spends Christmas Eve turning tricks.

Journey of Jared Price, The (2000)
Young man from Georgia is seduced by son of the women is is hired to
care for.

Judas Kiss (2011)
Failed gay movie director meets younger and older self, with a chance to

Just a Question of Love (French : 2005)
Gay college student has trouble coming out to parents.

Just One Time (1999)
Prospective bride substitutes gay man for groom's fantasy of
a threesome.

Just Say Love (2008)
Stage play of developing relationship between a gay man and a straight

Ka-Boom (2010)
Gay, bi, and straight students' sexual hijinxs, mixed with paranormal
secret society.

Keeo the Lights On (2012)
Immigrant documentary film maker Erik has troubled relationship
with drug using lawyer.

Keillers Park (Swedish : 2006)
Engaged man leaves intended wife for Algerina gay man, is rejected by
his family, and accused of murdering his lover.

Keller = Out of Hand

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Spoof of Hollywood mystery, with former thief prospective actor being
given sleuthing lessons by a gay detective, with multiple killings.

Kiss me Deadly (2007)
Gay photographer Jacob Keane forced back into earlier espionage life
to help a friend and save his daughter.

Kiss Me Guido (1997)
Straight hunk looking for apartment thinks GWM means guy with

*Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985)
Gay man entertains cell mate with movie stories.

KM.0 (Spanish : 2000)
Mixed up meetings at the kilometer zero marker in Madrid lead
to some odd and interesting couplings.

Konsequence see Consequence

L.I.E. (2001)
Young boy whose mother is dead, father in legal difficulty, is helped
by pedophile.

Labor of Love (1998)
Gay man and woman best friend decide to have a baby together. Made for TV.

Last Year, The (2006)
Gay students run into difficulties with their fundamentalist Bible college
and homophobic parents. Based on true events.

Latter Days (2003)
Mormon missionary encounters gay LA.

Law of Desire = Ley del deseo, La (1987 : Spanish)
Young Spanish man stalks a gay film director.

Layover (2009)
Gay male and straight female former school mates discuss their lives
in an airport.

Leather Jacket Love Story (1998)
Twinky young poet falls for older working-class leather stud.

Leaving Metropolis (2002)
Well-known gay painter has affair with straight, married,
diner owner. Outstanding love scenes.

Leon, La (Argentina : 2008)
Slow moving depiction of lonely lives in Argentinian river jungle,
including that of a solitary gay man.

Less Than Zero (1989)
College student returns to L.A. to find his best friend is hustling
to pay drug debt.

Ley del deseo, La see Law of Desire

Lie Down with Dogs (1995)
A man spends a summer sleeping around in Provincetown.

Light Gradient = Ruckenwind (German : 2009)
Young German gay lovers take biking walking trip in country,
with strange incidents and inexplicable outcome.

Like It Is (1998)
A young gay English boxer takes out his frustrations by

Lilies = Les feluettes (1996)
Prison inmates in 1952 Quebec re-enact tragic young love

Line of Beauty, The (2006)
Excellent adaptation in made for TV segments of Alan Holinghurst's novel,
in which a gay graduate student moves in with the rich conservative
political family of his best Oxford University straight buddy.

Lion in Winter, The (1968)
Richard I of England has affair with Philip II of France amid
12th century royal squabbles.

Little Ashes (2008)
Relationship of Spanish artist Slavado Dali and poet Frerico
Garcia Lorca.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Gay professor, after attempted suicide over failed love affair with
student, recovers with his sister and her zany family.

Living End, The (1995)
Two HIV-positive gay men go on a murderous spree.

Lockdown (2003)
Wrongly convited inmate sees brother of his girl friend become
victim of rape by fellow prisoners.

Locked Up (German : 2004)
Interracial, international, gay love in prison.

Loggerheads (2005)
Interlocking stories surrounding adopted gay man who leaves home at 17,
his birth mother, his adoptive parents, and a motel owner who takes
him in.

Longing, The = Saudade (German : 2003)
German gay tourist in Brazil falls in love with brother of Black he
accidentally killed in an earlier encounter.

Longtime Companion (1990)
AIDS takes its toll on group of friends in New York gay

*Lost Language of Cranes, The (1991)
Gay son causes bisexual father to come out. British made for TV.

Love and Death on Long Island (1997)
Middle-aged widowed English author becomes obsessed with
young actor; cf Morte a Venezia

Love In Thoughts (German : 2006)
Sexual antics and attractions among beautiful young Germans between
the world wars leads to tragedy. Based on actual events.

Love is Strange (2014)
Older gay couple gets married, resulting in job loss.

Love Is the Devil (1998)
British painter Francis Bacon dominates working-class

Love Life (2007)
Lesbian and gay man try marriage of convenience.

Love to Hide, A = Une Amour Ataire (2006 : French)
Lovers hide Jewish girl, but are betrayed by one lover's brother.

*Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)
Group of gay friends gather at country house throughout the

Love's Doing = Cosas del Quere, La (1989 : Spanish)
Gay Spanish singer is persecuted in Franco's Spain.

Lucky Bastard (2009)
Handsome, successful, gay architect has tempestous affair with drug
using hustler.

Lucas me quera a mi (2004)
Handsome room mate loved by his three gay room mates, as
well as female detectives investigating his murder.

Luster (2001)
Hollywood young gay poet's confused sex and love life.

M. Butterfly (1993)
Male female impersonator fools diplomat

Madagascar Skin (1995)
Scarred young gay man falls for older, supposedly straight

*Making Love (1982)
Married doctor decides he is gay.

Making the Yuletide Gay (2009)
Closeted at home college student's lover shows up for Christmas.

Mala Noche (1985)
Gus Van Sant's first full length feature, concerning a store keeper's
see unrequited attraction to a young Mexican.

*Mambo Italiano (2004)
Italian family in Montreal is upset when son comes out as

Man of No Importance, A (1994)
Closeted, middle-aged bus conductor in 1963 Dublin takes
Oscar Wilde as his hero and role model.

Man of the Year (1995)
Semidocumentary account of what happens when Playgirl's Man
of the Year turns out to be gay.

Matrimonium (2005)
Weak spoof of reality TV, in which straight man fools parents and friend
into thinking he is gay and marrying a man, to win million dollars.

*Maurice (1987)
When English university students' repressed love is thwarted,
one takes a gardener as lover.

Mauvais Genres see Transfixed

Maybe, Maybe Not = Bewegte Mann, Die (German : 1994)
Thrown out by his girlfriend, a womanizer moves in with an
appreciative gay friend.

Men, Men, Men = Uomini, Uomini, Uomini (1995 : Italian)
The problems of four middle aged gay Italian men.

Menn Next Door, The (2012)
Man (40) falls in love with both gay dad (50) and gay son (30),
and has difficulty choosing one.
Mexican, The (2001)
Gay hit man kidnaps woman while her boyfriend seeks a
mysterious Mexican gun.

Michael (1924)
Aging artist falls for beautiful male model, who betrays him.

Midnight Cowboy (1969)
Bisexual New York hustlers attempt to escape to Florida.

Midnight Dancers = Sibak (Filipino : 1995)
Filipino country boys attempt to make it as homoerotic

Midnight Express (1978)
Jailed Westerners experience homosexuality in Turkish prison.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)
Trial of gay man in Atlanta who shot his working-class lover.

*Milk (2008)
Sean Penn does an extraordinary job of capturing the personal life,
work, and death of Harvey Milk.

Misconceptions (2008)
Complications develop when a fundamentlist Christian wife volunteers
to be surrogate mother for an interracial gay couple's child.

Morte a Venezia see Death in Venice .

Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (2006)
Comic strip based romantic misadventures of 26 year old gay man.

Mouth to Mouth = Boca a boca (Spanish : 1995)
An aspiring actor becomes involved with a repressed
homosexual and his alleged wife in Madrid.

Mr. Right (2010)
Convoluted relationships of a group of London gay men.

Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler (2003)
Young hustler hired for company by late middle aged man on
the run, the real reason coming out later.

Murder in Fashion (2008)
Andre Cunanan's murderous rampage ending with Versace.

Music Lovers, The (1970)
Tschaikowsky in love with men and women.

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
Young woman fails to break up her best friend's wedding and
winds up with charismatic gay man.

*My Beautiful Laundrette (1986)
Punk and Pakistani find romance in Thatcher-era London.

My Father Is Coming (German : 1991 )
German lesbian in NYC enlists gay male roommate to pose as
her husband when her father visits.

My Own Private Idaho (1991)
Hustlers have difficulty with love.

Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Tne (2009)
Young college graduate falls in love with musician and her bisexual

Naked Boys Singing (2007)
Filmed version of musical review in which naked young men sing and
dance. Most lyrics have gay content.

New Twenty, The (2009)
A group of university friends, seven years after graduation, have
messed up lives in New York. Two of the five are gay.

Newcastle (2009)
Nubile Australian surfboarding boys complege, cavort, and cope
with tragedy. One out gay character forms semi relationship.

Next Best Thing, The (2000)
Alternative family of gay man, straight woman, and child
falls apart.

Nico and Dani (Spanish : 2000)
Coming-of-age story of two gay and straight Spanish teen

Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me (2002)
David Drake's one man stage show about growing up gay,
effectively filmed and sparingly enriched by sound and

Night Listener (2005)
Night radio show host, while his relationship crumbles, becomes
obsessed by 'phone relationship with a young fan, who may or may not

Night Watch = Ronda Nocturma (Agentina : 20050
Beautiful young hustler faces the dangers of night in the streets
of Buenos Aries.

Nine Lives (2007)
Sexual rondo among HIV positive gay man and one wife, with each
telling his or her story.

No One Sleeps (2000)
German graduate student searches San Francisco for evidence that
the virus causing AIDS was created as part of a biological weapon
experiment, but his prospective witnesses keep being murdered.

No Ordinary Love (1994)
Ambisexual household copes with death, pregnancy, robbery,
and mixed relationships with tragic results for some.

No Regret (Korean : 2006)
Two young men of very different social class form a relationship, beset
by demands of marriage on the part of the upper class young man's parents.

No se lo digas a nadie see Don't Tell Anyone

Noah's Arc complete first season (2006)
A Black Queer as Folk TV series.

Noah's Arc : Jumping the Broom (2008)
Wrap up of Noah's Arc TV series, with tribulations affecting couples and
a planned wedding.

Normal (2003)
Late middle age married man goes through gender change.

Norman, Is That You? (1976)
Gender confusion with Red Foxx.

O Fantasma see Fantasma, O

Object of My Affection, The (1998)
Straight women hopes to create family with gay man.

Of Time and the City (2008)
Gay film maker Terence Davies recalls the Liverpool in which he grew up.

Okoge see Fag Hag

On_Line (2004)

Mixed up Internet sex lives of interlocking group of malcontents
with various sexual persuasions, including on-line sex workers.

On the Other Hand Death (2008)
Gay detictive Donald Strachey helps an harassed lesbian couple.

Opencam (2006)
Gay detective and gay artist whose sex partners are being murdered on
Internet camcamera have torrid explicit affair.

Opposite of Sex, The (1998)
Unscrupulous teen girl seduces her gay half-brother's lover.

Ordinary Sinner (2003)
Young prospective priest has crisis of faith when attempts to
help a gay street youth fails. Complications in a love triangle and
death of mentor further challenge him.

Other Voices Other Rooms (2003)
Based on Truman Capote novel of boy who goes to crumbling southern
mansion to join invalid father after death of mother.

Otto, or Up With Dead People (2008)
Is Otto a gay zombie in a gothic post apocolyptic world, or is he
psycho? Do we care?

Our Lady of the Assassings = Virgen de los sicarios, La (Colombian/French :
Dark saga of relation of older Colombian poet to two young
members of feuding gangs.

Out of Hand = Keller (German : 2007)
Two sexually repressed bored teenage boys go from steeling to

Outing Riley (2007)
Gay Irish Catholic comes out to his three brothers, including a priest.

Outrageous (1977)
Masterful Canadian female impersonator heads to New York.

P.S. Your Cat is Dead (2002)
A relationship develops between disgruntled actor/author and
young Latino who robs him.

Page Turner, The see Food for Love

Parting Glances (1986)
AIDS affects and ends relationships.

Partners (1982)
Straight and gay cops go underground in gay community to
solve murders; cf Cruising.

Party Monster (2003)
Macaulay Culhin plays club kid in 80's New York.

Passing Strangers (1976)
San Fransicans's ad quoting Walt Whitman leads to his mentoring young
gay man.

Patrik, Age 1.5 (Swedish ; 2008)
Gay couple unexpectedly become parents of 15 year old troubled, homophobic

Paul Monette: the Brink of Summer's End (1996)
Biographic documentary about gay writer Paul Monette

Pecker (1998)
Counter cultural photographer makes it big in spoof of
cultural fads. Sister is gay bar hostess featuring male

*Pedro (2009)
Story of young Cuban American who helped give AIDS a public face on

Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mi see Lucas me quería a mi

Perfect Son (2002)
Straight addicted son reconciles with gay dying brother after death of

Perks of Being a Wallflower, The (2012)
Troubled shy high school freshman's life improved by making friends with
gay senior and his step sister.

Petit Fils, Le see Grand Sons

Petunia (2012)
Three brothers, one gay, have unconventional relationships and sex lives.

Phantom, The see Fantasma, O

Phoenix (2006)
Relationship develops between long time partner and short time
lover of one man.

*Philadelphia (1993)
Gay lawyer with AIDS hires homophobe to sue law firm that
fired him.

Placard, Le see Closet, The

Plan B (Argentinian : 2010)
Man attempts slow seduction of new boy friend of ex girl friend
to get her back, but unexpectedly falls in love instead.

Poison (1990)
Sexually obsessive relationship between two prison inmates.

Pornography : A Thriller (2010)
The murder of a porn star in a snuff film has echoes 15 years later.

Portrait of a Marriage (1990)
Marriage of bisexual authors Harold Nicholson and Vita
Sackville-West. British made for TV mini series.

Poster Boy (2006)
Son of conservative Republican senator in close race is gay.

Pourquoi Pas! see Why Not!\.

Presque Rein see Come Undone

Prick Up Your Ears (1987)
Biography of British gay playwright Joe Orton.

Pride (2014)
London gays support Welsh striking minders.

Priest (1994)
Gay Roman Catholic priest in England faces moral and ethical

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert see Adventures of Priscilla,
Queen of the Desert, The.

Prom Queen (2004)
Gay high school student sues to take boy friend to prom.

Queens = Reignas (Spain : 2005)
Young gay men and their mothers have difficulties leading up to
Spain's first legal gay weddings.

Queer as Folk [UK (UK 1999-2000 and US 2000-2001)
Life in the gay fast lane in Manchester (UK)/Pittsburgh (US); UK
series has movie finale.

Querelle (German : 1982)
French sailor makes bet with couple: if he wins, he has sex
with wife; if he loses, he has sex with husband.

Quinceanera (2006 : some Spanish)
LA gay teen, even though life complicated by insensitive gay couple,
assists his pregnant 14 year old cousin.

Raising Heroes (1996)
Prospective gay parents who witness crime stalked by hit men.

Ready? OK! (2009)
Ten year old boy wants to be a cheer leader. Gay neighbour advised.

Reality Bites (1994)
Gen-X friends coping with life include young gay man coming
to terms with his sexuality.

Red Dirt (2000)
Young Mississippi man tempted from incestuous love affair by
homoerotic attraction.

Redwoods (2009)
Young gay man in committed relationship which includes a son, has
a week long intense affair with author passing through.

Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)
Repressed army officer in 1940s South lusts after soldier,
who lusts after the officer's wife.

Regular Guys (German : 1996)
Straight cop shares gay guy's apartment, with comic results.

Regarding Billy (2005)
Billy returns home to care for his retarded brother upon the death
of their parents, and is joined by childhood chum with whom he is
in love, but has never told. Christmas theme. A bit soppy.

Reignas see Queens

Relax... It's Just Sex (1998)
Relationship, personal, and social problems of a group of gay
and straight urban friends, including retaliation for gay

Release (2010)
Dream infused tragic relationship between imprisoned priest and guard.

*Rent (2005)
"La Boheme" as a rock musical telling one year in the lives of New
Yorkers including one gay couple, with AIDS replacing consumption.

Rites of Passage (1999)
Gay son of homophobic father falls for convict.

Ritz, The (1976)
Man hides out from gangsters in a bathhouse.

River Made to Drown In (1999)
Man dying of AIDS (Richard Chamberlain) seeks two hustlers with whom
he has been in love.

Rivers Wash Over Me (2009)
Orphaned black gay teen joins family in South, suffers abuse,
and develops relationship with white gay teen.

Road to Love (French : 2004)
Arab sociology student in Paris begins documentry about gay Arabs.
and discovers his own sexuality.

Rock Haven (2007)
Evangelical Christian 18 year old gay boy copes with sexual orientation.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975) 4
"Sweet transvestite transsexual Transylvanian" Dr. Frank N.
Furter beds innocents Brad and Janet and creates muscleman
Rocky Horror as boy toy.

Role/play (2010)
Outed soap actor and gay activist team up at Palm Springs resort.

Romeos (German : 2011)
FTM transsexual has troubled relationship with a gay man.

Ronda Nocturnma see Night Watch

Rope (1948)
Hitchcock's version of the Leopold/Loeb case features two obviously
gay characters played by two gay actors (John Dall and Farley Granger)
and was written by gay playwright Arthur Laurents. Contrast with Swoon.

Roseaux sauvage, Les see Wild Reeds

Ruckenwind see Light Gradient

Rules of Attraction, The (2002)
Sexual and other misadventures of college students, including a gay guy.

Running with Sissors (2006)
Gay young man grows up with crazy mother and her crazier psychiatrist.

S is for sexy (2008)
Compilation of seven award winning gay shorts.

Saint of 9/11 (2006)
Documentary about gay priest, chaplain to fire fighters, killed in 9/11
World Trade Tower attack.

Saturday night at baths (1975)
Supposedly straogt young man playing at the baths discovers his

Shakespeare's Merchant (2004)
"Merchant of Venice" reset in modern Venice Beach, with implicit gay
relationship made explicit.

Salut Victor! (French Canadian : 1989)
Unexpected gay love in a retirement home.

Saturn in Opposition = Saturno contra (Itallian : 2007)
Sudden terminal illness of young beauiful gay may has strong effect
on his partner and close mixed circle of friends.

Saude see Longing, The

Saved! (2004)
Girl has sex with boyfriend to "save" him from gayness.

Savage Grace (2008)
Unnatural relationship between mother and son includes menage a trois
with bisexual male lover. Based on true story.

Save Me (2009)
Sensitive portrayal of a relationship developing between two men
undergoing Christian ex-gay "treatment".

Say Uncle (2006)
Gay man seeking connection with children mistaken for pedophile.

Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006)
Conversations on Hampstead Heath, including a gay couple considering
having a child.

Seeing Heaven (2010)
Pretty young hustler seeks lost brother; has visions of him during sex.

Sensei, The (2010)
Gay high school student learns to defend himself, and other life
lessons, from female Sensei.

Sergeant, The (1968)
Closeted gay army officer trying to seduce a young recruit.

Shank (2009)
Young interracial thug, gang member, and drug user falls for French
exchange student. Gang members learn of his gayness, and violence

Shelter (2007)
Your budding artist from poor background and nephew to care for
finds support from first lover, the older brother of his best friend.

Shock to the System (2006)
Donald Strachey mystery in which ex-gay poster boy is murdered.

Shortbus (2006)
New York metrosexuals include Chinese Canadian sex therapist who
can have an orgasm, and gay couple who experiment with third
sex partner; the most explicit sex ever apart from pornography.

Showboy (2004)
Mocumentary about TV writer's attempt to become a showboy.

Sibak see Midnight Dancers

*Single Man, A (2009)
Based on Isherwoods short novel, gay professor mourns death of lover.
Masterful performance by Colin Firth.

*Six Degrees of Separation (1993)
Young gay Black man cons rich WASPs by pretending to be
Sidney Poitier's son.

Sleepin' Round (1985)
An Australian man comes to grips with his new relationship status.

Slutty Summer (2005)
Waiter/writer had difficulty finding true love.

Socket (2007)
Doctor becomes addicted to erotic electric shocks, turning into
serial killer.

Sole Journey (2008)
Gays and supporters march in protest to Focus on the Family headquarters.

Soldier's Girl (2003)
Based on true story of soldier murdered because of his affair with
a transexual.

Some Boys Do (2010)
Visiting French boy seduces in turn three Irish brothers in Vancouver.

*Something for Everyone (1970)
Ambitious servant seduces female and male members of noble
Bavarian family.

*Sordid Lives (2000)
Bizarre death of Texas grandmother changes lives of her gay
son and grandson.

Special Day, A = Giornata particolare, Una (Italian : 1977)
Roman housewife and gay man form friendship on the day in
1938 that Hitler visited Mussolini.

Speedway Junky (2000)
Young man running away joping to become a race car driver is befriended
by a gay hustler.

Spin the Bottle (2002)
Childhood friends unite at holiday site; one rediscovers his sexuality.

Spinnin' (Spanish : 2010)
Gay couple in Madrid seeks mother for their child, among a variety of
family arrangements and relationships.

Staircase (1969)
Rex Harrison and Richard Burton in outrageos performances a middle-aged
gay couple's relationship under strain when one of their mothers comes
to live with them, one loses his hair, and one is charged with indecent

Steam = Hamam (Turkish : 1997)
A Frenchman goes to Turkey to see a steam bath he has
inherited, and discovers gay affection.

Stonewall (1995)
Fictionalized account of 1969 bar raid seen as beginning of
gay liberation.

*Straight from the Heart = A corps perdu (Canadian
French] :1988)
Montreal menage a troix.

Straight Jacket (2004)
1950's gay Hollywood star is torn between fake marriage and love

Strange Bedfellows (2004)
Pair of older Australian straight men pretend to be a gay couple for
tax purposes, and learn tolerance in the process.

Strange Fruit (2005)
Black gay New York lawyer returns to Louisiana to investigate lynching
of gay cousin.

Stranger in Us, The (2010)
Disjointed story of young gay man from Virginia attempting to make
a life in San Francisco with partner he crossed continent to be with,
and his friendship with an underage hustler.

Strapped (2010)
Hustler reveals varied aspects of himself in emotional and sexual
encounters with occupants of apartments in a building he has difficulty

Strawberry and Chocolate = Fresa y chocolate (Cuban Spanish : 1993)
Cuban gay falls for straight man who becomes his friend.

*Streamers (1998)
Racism and homophobia lead to tragedy among soldiers about to be
sent to Vietnam.

Substance of Fire (1997)
Dysfunctional Holocaust survivor father has trouble with children,
including gay son who takes over family publishing business.

Sugar (2004)
Turbulent love affair between a teen and a hustler.

*Sum of Us, The (1994)
Aussie Dad works a bit too hard at accepting his gay son.

Summer Storm (German : 2004)
Gay rower has unrequited love for his straight best friend team mate.

Summer Thunder (2004)
Retired "chicken" porn star deals with early accident damaging his penis.

Sun Kissed (2007)
Surealistic account of relationship between young gay author and
care taker of isolated cabin.

*Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)
Bisexual British artist juggles affairs with a man and a

Surprise, Surprise (2009)
Unknown son of older gay actor appears at the home he shares with his
younger injured former dancer partner.

Surge of Power (2006)
Comic book based foolish gay super hero.

*Swan Lake (1996)
Homoerotic version of classic ballet, with male swans and
black swan as leather queen. UK; made-for-TV.

Swoon (1992)
The most homo-erotic version of the Leopold/Loeb case in which two
gay men feel their intelligence places them above the law. Contrast
with Rope.

Taking Woodstock (2009)
Gay son attracts music festival to save parents' failing motel.

*Tales of the City (1993), More Tales of the City (1998),
Further Tales of the City (2001)
Stories of freewheeling 70s San Francisco as TV mini-series

Tan Lines (2006)
Young gay man has affair with friend's older brother. (There are two
films of this title produced in 2006.)

Tantrums & Tiaras (1997)
Behind the scenes with temperamental gay performer and icon
Elton John. Made for TV.

Tarnation (2004)
Fragmented documentary of gay man's troubled family.

Taste of Honey, A (1961)
Gay man wishes to help pregnant friend.

Taxi to the John see Taxi zum Klo

Taxi to the John = Taxi zum Klo (German : 1981)
German school teacher explores alternative sex.

Teenage Angst (German : 2008)
Four aimless German students experiment with alcohol, drugs, and
sadism, with bad results. Issued with "Baby Shark", three stories
of French gay teen obsession with straight boys, all ending badly.

Temps qui Reste see Time to Leave

Testosterone (2004)
Frantic search for ex-lover noir comedy.

That Certain Summer (1972)
Son visits his gay father and lover. Made for TB.

Theft (2008)
Amateurish portrayal of conflict between leather bar and evangelical
church in a small Texas town.

Third Man Out (2005)
Mystery with gay detective.

Three Dancing Slaves = Le Clan (French : 2005)
Lives of three bothers, one gay, go awry after death of mother.

Three to Tango (1999)
Straight pretends to by gay, wins girl.

These Old Broads (2001)
Gay son directs mother and two other former stars from the
sixties in musical comeback. Made for TV.

Three to Tango (1999)
Man pretends to be gay to get project, wins girl

Threesome (1994)
Gay man, straight man, and woman share dormitory suite and
eventually bed.

Time to Leave = Temps qui Reste, Le (French : 2006)
Gay fashion photographer deals with relationships when he learns he
has terminal cancer.

Times Have Been Better = Le Ciel sur la Tete (French : 2007)
Family has difficulty dealing with golden boy elder son coming out.

Times of Harvey Milk, The (1984)
Documentary about martyred gay San Francisco politician.

To a Tee (2010?)
Gay playwrite/actor has difficulty with lover and female friend

To Be or Not to Be (1983)
Theatrical troupe in Nazi-dominated Poland includes gay

To the Exteme = In Extremis (French : 200)
Bisexual troubled young man assume care of son of a girlfriend
who dies.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)
Drag queens cross U.S. in convertible. Cf. Adventures of
Priscilla ...

Together Alone (1993)
Two guys hook up for uninhibited sex and conversation.

Tongues Untied (1991)
Documentary about gay Black men.

*Torch Song Trilogy (1988)
Drag queen has and loses beautiful lover, a bisexual lover,
and adopts a gay son.

Torchwood : 1st season (2008)
TV series in which agents combat aliens under leadership of gay captain.

*Total Eclipse (1995)
Stormy affair between French poets Rimbaud and Verlaine.

Totally Confused (2004)
Musician has difficulty accepting the failure of his CD. and
his sexuality.

*Touch of Pink, A (2004)
Blissfully happy Indo-Canadian and British gay couple visited
by Indo-Canadian mother. It helps to know Cary Grant movies.

Transfixed = Mauvais Genres (French :2001)
Transexual prostitute in Brussels accused of being a serial
killer must clear herself.

Trembling before G-d (2001)
Documentary of Jewish gay men and lesbians struggling to
reconcile their sexuality with Orthodox Judaism.

Trevor (1994)
Short about attempted suicide by gay teen.

Trick (1999)
Boy next door type is attracted to male stripper.

Trio, Das = The Trio (German : 1998)
Gay grifter and daughter attracted to same bi-sexual young

Trip, The (2002)
Young Republican discovers he's gay, after writing homophobic

Tru Loved (2000)
Straight girl agrees to date gay foot ball player to help him
hide his sexual orientation.

Twisted (2005)
Underworld of rent boys, a drag queen, and endangered young

Twilight of the Golds (1997)
Woman must decide whether or not to abort fetus that will
result in gay child. Made for TV.

Two Brothers (2001)
Troubled relationships of two brother, one gay one straight,
With two short films, :Birthday Time: and "Cruise Control".

Unconditional Love (2002)
Housewife finds fulfillment assisting lover of slain singer
claim estate and find killer.

Under Heat (1998)
Brothers, one gay, cope with eccentric mother, sensual hired

Under One Roof (2002)
Chinese only son falls for mother's new tenant.

Undertow = Contracorriente (Peru : 2011)
Bisexual fisherman torn between wife, child, and artist lover.

Unhappy Birthday (2011)
Scottish gay couple help woman friend for find family roots
on an island, with tragic results.

Uomini, Uomini, Uomini see Men, Men, Men]

Urbania (2000)
Bereft gay man roams among urban myths seeking revenge on gay

Velvet Goldmine (1998)
Investigation of life and faked murder of metosexual glamrock star.

Very Natural Thing, A (1974)
Young teacher has mismatched ideas of relationship with two
successive partners.

Victim (1961)
Closeted British MP blackmailed.

Victor/Victoria (1982)
Gay man helps woman pretend to be male drag queen in 1920s

Vierde man see Fourth Man, The

Violet's Visit (1995)
Gay Australian couple lives are disrupted when the adolescent
daughter of one of them shows up.

Virgen de los Sicarios see Our Lady of the Assassins

Voor een verloren soldaat see For a Lost Soldier

Walk on water (Israeli : 2005)
An Israeli agent sent to assassinate a Nazi war criminal discovers a
new outlook on life through interaction with the criminal's gay grandson.

Walker, The (2006)
A gay "walker", who escorts Washington DC socialites, is invoked in
a murder mystery, when the lover of one is killed.

Water drops on burning rocks = Gouttes d'eau sur pierres
brulantes (French ; 1999)
A young man, who is sexually confused, falls in love with an
older man who mistreats him.

We Think the World of You (1988)
Gay man given a hard time by his jailed lover's family.

Wedding Banquet = Hsi yen (Taiwanese : 1993)
Taiwanese Chinese gay man in marriage of convenience. Early Ang Lee.

Weekend (2011)
Scottish gay men's pick up develops into relationship, even though
one is soon to leave for the States.

Were the World Mine (2009)
Musical about gay student playing Puck creating love potion and havoc.

Westler see East of the Wall

What Happens Next (2012)
Early retiree at 55 finds himself attracted to younger man, while his
sister seeks to select a wife for him.

When Love Comes (1998)
Straight girl living with gay man in New Zealand, who are courted and court.

Witnesses, The (French : 2007)
Interaction of young gay man with an older gay man and a young

When the Party's Over (1991)
Sex among friends in LA

Where the Truth Lies (2005)
Atom Egoyan's tale of male bonding between two entertainers, and the
murder which ended their partnership.

Whilrwinde (2009)
Handsome new man in town wrecks havoc among close set of gay friends.

Whole New Thing (2005 : English Canadian)
Precocious Nova Scotia teen develops crush on gay English teacher.

Why Not! = Pourquoi Pas! (French : 1977)
Gay couple become menage =E0 trois, then menage =E0 quatre.

Wilby Wondeful (2005)
Effort to turn gay cruising area into golf course disrupts island life.

Wild Reeds = Roseaux sauvage, Les (French : 1994)
Boy loves boy, but loses to girl in 1960s Provence.

*Wilde (1997)
Biography of Oscar Wilde.

Witgenstein (1993)
Beautifully lit, colourful, series of interactions tracing life and
thought of philosopher Witgenstein, photographed without sets or

Withnail and I (1986)
Two actor friends pretend to by gay monogamous lovers to
escape advances of host

Women in Love (1970)
Platonic homoerotic love with nude wrestling scene in front
of fire.

*Wonder Boys (2000)
Academic author's editor beds star student.

World and Time Enough (1995)
Parental problems, monogamy issues, and HIV threaten a

Wrangler : Anatomy of an Icon (2008)
Life if Jack Stillman (aka Jack Wrangler), gay pron star icon and
husband of Margaret Whiting.

Wrecked (2009)
Doomed relationship between drama student and drug addicted
hustler; explicit sex scenes.

Y tu mama tambien see And Your Mother Too

Yes Nurse, No Nurse = Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster (Dutch : 2002)
Zany musical about rest home for eccentrics, with bitter landlord and
neighbour, whose former lover opens a beauty parlour across the street.

Yossi (Israel : 2012)
In this sequel to "Yossi & Jagger", Yossi, now a doctor, has difficulty
forming a new relationship.

Yossi & Jagger (Israeli : 2004)
Based on true story of doomed love of two Israeli soldiers.

You Are Not Alone = Due er Ikke Alene (Danish : 1978)
Two precocious boys explore their sexuality at boarding school.

You Belong to Me (2008)
Smitten gay man moves to be near the one he desires, but finds
danger in the building.

You I Love (Russian : 2005 )
Moscow yuppie and girl friend become involved with sexy street boy.

Your Friends and Neighbors (1999)
Three couples, a dozen relationships.

Zero Patience (1993)
Musical about explorer Sir Richard Burton and the first AIDS patient.