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ASME Press

WHO Code
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Three Park Avenue
New York
Zip/Postal Code
(212) 591-7292
RDA Procedures

27 February 2014

ASME wants AACR2 compatible export

ASME provides access for their e-publications.

ASME will also send a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets contain:

"publication title","edition","print identifier","online
identifier","published date","title url","first author","title
id","coverage depth","publisher name"

The DOI is contained in the URL.

Matt will search and provide an URL for the PDFs, the spreadsheets,
and files of MARC records, sending the result to Tim.

Since ASME has print versions, catalogue search should provide a high
hit rate. Nohits might well be worth an OCLC search.

Here is the link to ASME's complete list of eBooks:
Completed records should be sent to Mstt in weekly batches.

Note in particular cut and paste at 505 contents, 520 abstract, and
653 author supplied keywords (if any).

Electronic Record Template

*Automatically supplied field

05 = n
06 = a
07 = m monograph or s serial
08 = blank
09 = blank
17 = blank
18 = i

001 SLC RSN moved o 035 on export; 090$eDOI (qv) as 001

00 = m
01-04 = blank
05 = e
06-08 = blank
09 = d
10-17 = blank

00 = c
01 = r
02 = blank
03 colour
a = one colour
b = black and white [Assume for automatic supplying; change if wrong[
c = multicoloured
04 = n
05 = blank
06-08 = |
09 = m
10-12 = |
13 = a

[Largely as in original except 23 = o]
06 = s or m for serial
07-10 <year>
11-14 = blank except 9999 for active serials, 06 = m
15-17 = nyu
18-21 blank = no illustrations
a = illustrations
d = charts
e = plans
k = forms
22 = f
23 = o
a = abstracts
b = bibliographical references
28 = blank
29 = 0 or 1 for conference publication
30 = 0
31 0 = no index
1 = index
32 = blank
33 = 0
34 = blank
35-37 = eng [unless some other language]
38 = blank

*010 $zLCCN (print)

*020 $zprint ISBN$qprint
022 $aISSN if serial
*024 7 $a<DOI>$2doi
*028 51 $a<ID #>$basme
040 $aCaBNVSL$beng$erda$cCaBNVSL$dCaBNVSL
050 4 $a<LCC> add "eb" to year
082 04 $a<DDC>$2<ed.>
*090 $a$bASME$e<DOI> [DOI numbers only; deleted on export;
$e moved to 001]
*093 $aASME<date> [Deleted on export]

100 1 $a<Author> [Check against LC authorities & earlier records done]
111 2 $a<Conference name> [if conference proceedings]
245 10 $a<Title>$h**[electronic resource] :$b<subtitle> /$cStatement of

100/700/110/710 relator terms

After main and added entries, enter following final mark of punctuation
$e(s), and one or more RDA terms. {recede and separate $e's with

246 30 $a<Distinctive part of title>.
250 $a<Edition>.
*264 1 $aNew York, N.Y. (ASME, Three Park Avenue. New York, NY 10016),
:$bAmerican Society Of Mechanical Engineers,$c20<XX>.
[008/7-10 year from item same as 264$c]

*300 $a1 PDF (<X, X> pages) :$billustrations ;$cnnn kb..

*336 $atext$2rdaontent
*337 $aelectronic$2isbdmedia
*338 $aonline resource$2$2rdacarrier

490 1 $a<Series title as in item>,$x<ISSN> ;$v

504 $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. ).
505 0 $a<Contents>; cut & paste chapter titles from PDF or website,
Limit to one 505 of chapter titles only. See extra charge for
more than 10 chapter titles.
*506 $aRestricted to subscribers or individual electronic text
510 0 $a<Indexers if known, one per 510>
520 3 $a<Abstract/summary/blurb cut and pasted> [If more than 300
words, use first one or two paragraphs only.]
*530 $aAlso available in print.
*538 $aMode of access: World Wide Web.
[Removed for OCLC export]
*538 $aSystem requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
[removed for OCLC export]
*588 Title from PDF title page (ASME eBooks Web site, viewed <date>)

650 0 $a<LCSH>
653 $a<Author assigned keyword from end of abstract> [one per 653]
*655 $aElectronic books.

700 1 $a<Added personal entry>.
*710 2 $aAmerican Society Of Mechanical Engineers.$epublisher.
710 2 $a<Other added corporate entry>.
740 0 $a<Added analytic title entry>.
*776 08 $iPrint version:$z<10 digit ISBN$z<13 digit ISBN>$w(DLC)<LCCN>
LCCN has 3 spaces (if not letters), and 0's replacing hyphen to
make 8 spaces.
830 0 $a<Series title> ;$vxx. $xISSN

*856 40 $3ASME$uhttp://

990 $a<Cataloguer's initials>. [Removed on export]


Cataloguer uses online OCLC export, and JIN load until OCLC account is

Cataloguer adds 035 (OCoLC to records), and sends to Matt.

OCLC Manual Updating Instructions (updated 17 January 2013)

I use OCLC Connexion Client.

Account number: 100-124-074
password: jin

Before importing the records into the save file, you can change the eLvl and
040 to what it should be in MarcEdit (the 049 is J2IA by default)

1. First you need to load the .mrc file into the client. Go to "File",
"Import records"

2. Put the file name in the first box (or browse and select it)

3. I always use a local save file (habit, online should be OK as long as you
empty it when done)

4. Select a bibliographic save file name (I usually click on local file
manager and create one called 'junk' or something that I know is temporary

5. Hit OK, and it will process the records and come back with a screen
detailing any problems and the numbers loaded. I NEVER delete the original
file because I need it to send to Matt or Gary.

6. Close the report.

7. Open the local save file by going to "Cataloging", "Search", "Local save
file", check to make sure the local file has the right name and hit enter.

8. The local file comes up. Before loading to OCLC, the 040 needs to be
changed to 'CaBNvSL ?c J2I ?d J2I' and the 049 changed to J2IA. I do this
using constant data, but you can do it manually or with copy/paste if you
don't want to learn another step. To set up constant data, go to
'cataloging', 'create', 'constant data', click ok on books. Type in what you
want applied to every record. Fixed fields (encoding level) have to be done
manually. Save the constant data record, give it a name. You can then use it
on individual records, or highlight the whole list, then apply the cd record
(edit, constant data, local, apply from list).

9. You also need to change the eLvl to 'I', which can't be done via constant

10. I usually take advantage of the spell checking "F7" and validating
headings ("shift"-"F5") feature in OCLC to make sure I didn't miss

11. Search each record "F2", make sure it's not already in the database. If
not, update holdings "F8" to add the record to the database.

12. Copy the OCLC number into your original record (in Bibliofile, ITS, or
MARCEdit) in the 035 (OCoLC)xxx so Matt will have it when he processes
your file.

13. Delete the holdings in OCLC (This symbol doesn't own the item), by going
to "Action", "Holdings", "Delete holdings" - Or You can delete
holdings for multiple records by highlighting them all, just like step 14.

14. Go to the next record and repeat. After all are done, you can delete the
records in the file by highlighting them all and using the trash can icon.
Most of the actions listed above also have icons if you prefer using them.

Cataloguer send completed records as .mrc file weekly to Matt.

Matt puts the records on the SLC server, batched, not individually named.

Matt sends the URL to Mary Grace Stefanchik <>
and Tara Collins Smith <>

Rich invoices ASME:

Mary Grace Stefanchik <>


Charged ASME

MARC records (original, derived, print, electronic): $11.00 per record
505s of more than 10 chapters: $3.00
Record processing: $1.50
OCLC loading: $1.00 per record


MARC records: $8.00 per record
505s of more than 10 chapters: $3.00
OCLC loading: $1.00 per record
Revising: $2.00 per record


Mary Grace Stefanchik
Manager, Books
ASME Press

Three Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 591-7962 Direct
(212) 591-7292 Fax