For over three decades Special Libraries Cataloguing has been serving libraries internationally, receiving mailed, couriered, or digital copies of the front and back of title pages with collation (number of pages or volumes) noted. For nonbook materials, copies of the items' container, labels, inserts, or any available accompanying material are used. Remote electronic resources are catalogued on the basis of supplied URLs, or PDF files. More detailed instructions for preparing photocopies will be provided on request.

Languages Covered

English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Spanish, Swedish, Cyrillic script languages

All non Roman scripts are romanized, as opposed to being in original script.

MARC records can be provided in French (French descriptive notes, RVM French subject headings above English ones), or in Spanish (Spanish descriptive notes, Bilindex/Oakland Spanish subject headings above English ones).

Cataloguing in Publication (CIP)

SLC provides cataloguing in publication data for publications which fall outside the scope of either the Library of Congress or Library and Archives Canada CIP programs.

Electronic Resource MARC Records for Publishers

Publishers and aggregators of electronic resources (monographs, serials, and websites), find that libraries expect them to provide MARC records. The preparation of records for electronic resources is an increasing part of SLC's work. MARC21 records can be prepared for $11.00 per record; UKMARC records can also be supplied at $6.00. to find out how to send spreadsheets with needed information.


Products include RDA/MARC21 (machine readable cataloguing) records via FTP, HTTP or Email. Much less common now are labels (for circulation card, pocket, and spine), and "temps" (temporary 3 x 5 inch cards). We have ceased producting catalogue cards, microfich catalogues, and print catalogues, since our clients adopted OPACs.

Cataloguing Practices

Cataloguing follows the provisions of RDA with enhancements, e.g., names of firm members who speak at symposia as added entries, and jurisdictional qualification of all cities of publication. SLC attempt to avoid RDA "not identified" phrases.


Classifications available include LCC (Library of Congress Classification), DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification), NLM (National Library of Medicine Classification) in conjunction with LC or alone, UDC (Universal Decimal Classification), Moys (A Classification Scheme for Law Books), and KF Mod (KF Classification Modified for Use in Canadian Law Libraries), as well as Canadian FC and PS8000.

Subject Headings

Subject headings available are LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) and MeSH (NLM's Medical Subject Headings). Local subject headings may be requested.

OCLC Loading

We have loaded records, where no matching OCLC record exists, into libraries' OCLC accounts, allowing the library to receive the credit for an original record. We would of course need the library's account number and password. There is a $1.00 per record charge for this service (which is less that the credit received).

Bibliographic Data Conversion and Enhancement
SLC provides conversion and MARC enhancement services, including conversion to and from XML, XLS, CVS, ONIX and other native formats employed by various integrated library systems. Contact us for more information.
OPAC Hosting

SLC offers catalogue hosting, for those who would like to avoid the cost of software purchase or license, and local maintenance. The SLC hosted catalogue offers the advantages of a default ISBD display (free of inaccurate labels, e.g., calling criminal defendants, performers, editors, translators, etc., "Authors"); and of a full MARC display. There are simple and detailed searches. for more information.

Getting Started

To begin using our services, the library would need a letter code representing the library system, or one for each location in the system. This code normally prints under the call number in products. For example, the code IAEA is used by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria; codes beginning MB are used for the various collections of McMillan Binch, a law firm in Toronto.

for more information on using the cataloguing services of our twenty expert distance cataloguers.

It would be a pleasure to serve you.


The following prices are averaged to include derived and original cataloguing, and are adjusted for the varying percentage of original records, and complexity of records, in different types of libraries. Prices include MARC records provided on digital media, via HTTP or FTP.

  Cataloguing in publication for publishers$10.00 per title
  Current book title records (monographs print or electronic, RDA or AACR2 compatible) including LCC/LCSH$11.00 per record
  Classification/subject headings added: DDC, Canadian FC, PS8000, NLM/MeSh, RVM/FreMeSH, KF Modified; ARLIS NH, UDC, Bilindex+ $2.00 per scheme
  Rare, AV, and non Roman language records+ $5.00 per record
  Serials, maps, and music score records+ $3.00 per record
  Multiple chapter or volume contents notes+ $3.00 per record
  Electronic publication records having print records$7.00 per record
  Upgraded derived records (e.g., AACR2 to RDA, added fields)$7.00 per record
  Brief MARC record (One class number, one LCSH, no contents or summaries)$9.00 per record
  Electronic publication records automatically created from print records$2.00 per record
  Analytical records for chapters or volumes$6.00 per record
  UKMARC records with MARC21 records$2.00 per record
  AACR2 compatible records with MARC21 records$2.00 per record
  MARC21 record processing $1.50 per record
  Loading records to OCLC with OCN added$1.25 per record
  Periodical indexing online$5.50 per article
  Retrospective conversion(by quote)
  OPAC hosting(by quote)
  Programming and special processing requests$50.00 per hour