MRIs: Chapter 1

Rule Interpretation

Reword to read: 1.2A2. Sources of information. Take information recorded in this area from the chief source of information for the material to which the item belongs; and/or, if needed, from the other sources of information in the item, or supply information from outside the item. Enclose information supplied from outside the item in square brackets.


Reword to read:

1.2B1. Transcribe the edition statement as found.

Second edition.

Ny udgave.


Reword examples to read:

[Three asterisks] edition.

3 ème édition

(appears as 3 ème édition in the item)

[State] B

South-west gazette. – Somerset edition.

Subbuteo table soccer. – World Cup edition.

[New edition]

[Troisième édition]

[Second edition, partly revised]

Revised 1980 = Révision 1980.

Deuxième édition. = Second edition = Zweite Auflage.

Tweede herziene en verbeteren uitgave = Deuxième édition, révisé et corrige.

Le Western : textes rassemblés et présentés par Henri Agel. Nouvelle édition. Évolution et renouveau du western (1967-1968) / par Jean A. Gili.


Reword examples to read:

The nether world : a novel / George Gissing. – [New edition,

reprinted] / edited, with an introduction, by John Goode.

Schachiapang : a modern revolutionary Peking opera. – May 1970 script / revised collectively by the Peking Opera Troupe of Peking.

The prelude, 1798-1799 / by William Wordsworth ; edited by Stephen Parrish .

Third edition = Tredie udgave / B. Larsen.

Second edition / edited by Larry C. Lewis = Deuxième édition / rédige par Larry C. Lewis.

Tredie nye og stærkt reviderede udgave, 2. oplag /reviderade og udvidet af David Hohnen .

(The impression statement appears as “2. oplag” in the item)

Tredie nye og stærkt reviderede udgave, 2. oplag /reviderade og udvidet af David Hohnen = revised ands enlarged by David Hohnen.

(The impression statement appears as “2. oplag” in the item)


Reword example to read:

Third edition = Tredje upplaga / B. Larsen.


Revise to read:

1.4C3. If the name of the country, state, province, etc., appears in the source of information, give it as found after the name of the place.

Carbondale, Illinois

Harmondsworth, Middlesex

Amherst, Mass.

Optionally, Supply the name of the country, state, province, etc., even if it does not appear in the source of information. Give the name in full and in square brackets.

Toronto [Ontario]

Leipzig [Germany]

Do not transcribe or supply a postal code as it it were a jurisdiction, e.g., [Washington] or [Western Australia] not WA.

[RDA directs transcription as found, with missing jurisdiction in a note ; an option allows providing missing jurisdictions.]


Revise to read:1.4C8. Record the place of production for unpublished items ...

[MARBI has added 264 2nd indicator 0 to MARC21 for "production".]


Revise to read:

1.4D1. Give the name of a publisher distributor, etc., as it is found in the item and following the place(s) to which it relates.

London [England] : Penguin Books

New York, N.Y. : Alfred A. Knopf

Chapel Hill, N.C. : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Newton Abbot, Devon : David & Charles

Chicago [Illinois] : Music Box Films

Mount Vernon, New York : The Peter Pauper Press

New York, N.Y. ; London, England : McGraw-Hill

Montréal [Quebec] ; London, England : Grolier, Inc.

Paris, France ; New York, N.Y. : Studio Canal

Cambridge, Mass. : Da Capo Press, Inc.

New York [New York] ; London [England] ; Sydney, N.S.W. : Macmillan Publishing Company

London [England] : Sussex Tapes ; Wakefield [England] : Educational Productions


Delete first paragraph and examples. Revise as:

1.4D2. If the statement referring to the publisher, distributor, etc., appearing in the item includes descriptive words or phrases that are or include common nouns, omit those words or phrases.

Walter H. Plinger & Company

(appears in item as: from the publishing house of Walter H. Plinger & Company )

Future Vision

( (Appears on item as: brought to you by the folks at Future Vision) )

If the name of the publisher, distributor, etc., appears in more than one language or script, give the form in the language or script of the title proper. If this criterion does not apply (as, for example in the case of a Canadian publication with a title proper that could be either French or English), give the name in the language or script that appears first.

Optionally , give the name in the language or script that appears first. Precede each parallel statement by an equals sign.

Éditions du peuple = Commoners’ Publications

Høst & Søns Forlag = Høst & Son Publisher


Delete fourth example and paragraph b) and examples.