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MRIs: AACR2 Rule Interpretations

Chapter 5: Music


Revise 5.1C in contents to read:

5.1C. Media terms

"Best Practices for Music Cataloging using RDA and MARC21."


Delete second sentence



Revise 5.1C in contents to read:

5.1C. Media terms


Delete [GMD] from all examples


Delete examples and revise to read:

5.1C. Optional addition. Media terms

5.1C1. Give the appropriate media terms as instructed in 1.1C.


Display media terms after title proper, or preceding all descriptive data in accord with International Bibliographic Description (ISBD) Area 0, or substitute icons based on MARC21 fixed fields.


Revise examples to read:

Second edition.

Deuxième édition du recueil noté.

6. udgave.



Revise examples to read:

[Third edition]

[Nouvelle édition augmenté des Lectures chantées, parue en 1968]


Revise examples to read:

Nolo mortem peccatoris /Thomas Morley ; edited by Sylvia Townsend.

Warner. – Revised edition / by John Morehen.

Piano concerto, A major, K. 414 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. – Revised edition / foreword by Paul Badura-Skoda.


Revise example to read:

[London, England?] : [s.n.], 1871 (Londonm England : Lord’s Press)


Revise fifth and sixth examples to read:

1 score (xx, 55 pages)

1 manuscript score

[In AACR2, a score is multiple parts; in RDA any sheet of music except parts is a score. The SMD (unit name) "manuscript score" is not specifically alllowed.]


Revise first through sixth examples following third paragraph to read:

1 score (vi, 27 pages)

1 score (2 volumes)

2 scores (20 pages each)

1 study score (3 volumes)

1 score (viii, 278 pages) + 24 parts

1 score (23 pages) + 1 piano conductor part 98 pages) + 16 parts

[RDA unit names for music:

choir book

chorus score

condense score (replacing close score)


piano conductor score

piano score


study score (replacing miniature score)

table score

violin conductor score

vocal score]

[RDA does not specifically allow other instrument score SMDs (unit names), e.g., "organ score", but they are recommended by this MRI.]


Revise first sentence of second paragraph to read:

Optionally, if media terms are used (see 1.1C1) and the terms indicate the tactile nature of the item, omit the addition

Revise first, second, fourth, fifth, and sixth examples to read:

1 score (2 volumes, braille)

1 volume of music (press braille)

1 score (30 pages, braille, thermoform)

or 1 score (30 pages, thermoform)

1 vocal score (xvii, 378 pages, large print)


Revise first and second examples to read:

1 score (vi, 27 pages) : illustrations

1 score (23 pages) : portrait

Delete third example


Revise examples to read and add fifth example:

1 miniature score (34 pages) : illustrations, 18 cm

1 score (20 pages) + 1 part ; 28 cm

4 parts ; 25-27 cm

1 score (vi, 63 pages) ; 20 cm + 16 parts ; 32 cm

1 score (23 pages) : illustrations ; + 16 parts ; 28 cm


Revise examples to read:

1 score (32 pages) + 5 parts ; 26 cm + 1 sound disc

1 score (vii, 32 pages) ; 28 cm + 1 CD (56 min. : stereophonic ; 4 ¾ in.)

1 score (30 pages) + 4 parts ; 24 cm + 1 booklet (16 pages)


Revise fifth example following third paragraph to read:

Arranged for guitar


Revise eighth example to read:

French words, English translation on pages v-xxii.


Revise first and third examples to read:

Arranged by Charles Graveney.

“Based on themes in the poems of Thomas Hardy”—title page verso.


Revise first, third, and fourth examples to read:

Reprinted from the 1712 edition.

Revised edition of: Complete organ works. London : Schott, 1958.

Facsimile reprint. Originally published: London, England : T. Walsh, [1734?]


Revise example to read:

Three photographs of first performance in pocket inside each cover


Revise second sentence to read:

Precede the numbers by Publisher’s no.: or Plate no.: , as appropriate.

Revise first, third, fourth, sixth, and seventh examples to read:

Plate no.: S. & B. 4081

Plate no.: B. & H. 8797-8806

Plate no.: B. M. Co. 10162, 10261, 10311

( The complete set of numbers is: 6201, 6654, 7006, 7212, 7635, 7788, 8847, 9158, 9664, 9935)

Plate no.: 9674-9676 H.L.

Plate number: R10150E-R10155E

Reissued from Brandus plates. Plate no.: B. et Cie 4520



Revise example to read:

ISBN 0-573-08042-9 (paperback)