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Additions To DLC And LAC Records

[SLC local practices in brackets] 15 February 2012

These are the most frequent additions SLC customers request to DLC
and LAC records:

008/07-10 Beginning date for serial
CONSER practice is to use latest coverage date of first issue, e.g.,
an almanac for 2004-2005 published 2002 would have 2005, rather than
the beginning publication year 2002. [Customers want publication year.]

040 missing $c

Field 040 says $a who catalogued; $b in which language (mainly LAC
records); $c who made it machine readable; and $d who finished the
record. We repeat the 040$acode in $c if lacking; and add $dCaBNBSL.
MARC record checking software expects to find at least subfields $a
and $c.

050 LCC call number final Cutter
DLC records lack a Cutter after some class numbers subdivided by year.
Customers want a Cutter, even if after year.

[055 Canadian FC, KF, and PS 8000]

LAC records may have "*" in 055 for a topic or geographic Cutter
which would be different in English and French Canada. If there is no
complete call number, we complete it and move it to 050 4 with other
LCC if not FC, or KF (for common wealth law); we leave those in 055.

245 /$cstatement of responsibility.

RDA records may have only the first of several authors transcribed.

[SLC will have no unjustified added entries; transcribe all joint authors
to be traced, three as a minimum for each funco, followed by [et # al.];
do not consider this option for less than 10 persons].

246 Distinctive subtitle
This is the SLC's most frequent addition. An art exhibition catalogue
with 245 10 $aJoe Blow :$bpaintings at sunrise, gets 246 30
$aPaintings at sunrise, since that could be mistaken for the title.
The same applies to a distinctive title following words such as
"Introduction to".

We add 246 3 $a for any title by which an item is normally called
whether on the item or not, e.g., Moonlight sonata, White paper
on taxation, Patriot Act.

260$a 0r 264$a Place of publication jurisdiction qualifier.

DLC and LAC records have jurisdiction transcribed if present, but usually
not supplied if lacking from the title page, contrary to AACR2 1.4C3. [SLC
always supplies jurisdiction using AACR2 abbreviations as opposed to
postal codes, and with the addition of "Eng." and "Que.". With RDA,
supplied jurisdictions are spelled out, as opposed to being in note
as directed by RDA.]

260$c or 264$a Beginning date for serials
CONSER practice is to omit date if first issue is not in hand. SLC
customers want beginning date if known, and estimated if not, as per
AACR2 1.4F7.

264 Detailed imprint. .
Field 264 is repeating, with first indicator for sequence (2 intervening,
3 current); second for function (0 production, 1 publication, 2 distribution,
3 manufacture, 4 copyright.

300 Collation for remote electronic resources
SLC adds a 300SMD to narrow the meaning of the GMD [electronic
resources], e.g.,
300 $a1 website :$bsd., animated col. ill.,
300 $a1 electronic text (x, 100 p. : graphs). :$bpdf file.

300$c Size
SLC adds size if lacking from a PCC record.

490 Series as on item.
Beginning June 1, 2006, the US Library of Congress is coding all
series as 490 0.

It has been SLC policy since January of 1979 to have no 490 0 in
bibliographic records. (Some but not all SLC customers index 490
in their series and/or title indexes, making access uneven between
customers.) When a 490 0, contains no subject word, or a responsible
corporate body or person, e.g., "Penguin books", we change the 490 0
to a 500 quoted pseudo series statement.

If the 490 0 transcribed series statement contains a subject word,
e.g., "Studies in chemistry", we change the 490 0 to 490 1, and enter
the series in 830 with 2nd filing indicator 0-4. If the series title
is generic, e.g., "Report". and has not been established in either the
LC or LAC authority files, add the name of the responsible body in curves.

We provide ";$v" issue number or year as relevant, including ISSN in $x
if available.

[501 Issued with note
Change DVD 500 Special features to 501.]

[511 Non cast credits
Combine 245/$c noncast credits with those in 511.]

[518 Place and time of event.
Change 5oo place and time of art exhibit, conference, or symposium to

520 Summary.
Our clients tell us that inclusion of summaries increases
use due to keyword searching. But if quoting with "--", we
attempt to screen out publisher's "puff" adjectives substituting
"...", and just include the parts which actually tell you something
about the item. When cataloguing an electronic resource from a PDF,
there is often a summary which can be cut and pasted.

[533 Reproduction.
Insert appropriate SMD with original paging in curves following.
Change place, publisher, and date of reproduction to 260$e($f$g).]

[534 Original or reproduction.
Change original place, publisher, and date of reproduction to
260$ab$c, with reproducer in 260$e($f$g).]

6XX Subject headings
Often a subject heading is added, e.g., a 610 10 for an Act which is the
subject of the work, lacking from older DLC records.