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Begell House

WHO Code
50 North St
Zip/Postal Code
Meghan Rohrmann
(203)-938-1300 Fax: (203)-938-1304
RDA Procedures

09 December 2013

Begell House receives RDA with $e terms and AACR2 compatible.

Begell provides spreadsheeets for their publications to Matt and Tim.

Matt searches and produces electronic proto records and sends to Tim.

Website: and login with the following info:

Username: SLC
Password: begell

The login is case-sensitive.

Electronic versions of earlier print titles were prepared later, but all are catalogued as simultaneous publications, rather than reproductions, i.e., no 533 or 534.

If a PDF does not contain an abstract, and the blurb in the spreadsheet is not adequate, a summary can often be found on the website.

Note in particular copy and paste 505 contents, 520 abstract, and 653 author supplied keywords (if any).

Electronic Monograph Record Template

*Automatically supplied field


05 = n
06 = a
07 = m monograph or s serial
08 = blank
09 = blank
17 = blank
18 = i

001 SLC RSN moved o 035 on export; 090$eeISBN (qv) as 001


00 = m
01-04 = blank
05 = e
06-08 = blank
09 = d
10-17 = blank


00 = c
01 = r
02 = blank
03 colour
a = one colour
b = black and white [Assume for automatic supplying; change if wrong[
c = multicoloured
04 = n
05 = blank
06-08 = |
09 = m
10-12 = |
13 = a


06 = s or m for serial
07-10 year>
11-14 = 9999 for active serials
15-17 = ctu
blank = no illustrations
a = illustrations
d = charts
e = plans
k = forms
22 = f
23 = o
a = abstracts
b = bibliographical references
28 = blank
29 = 0 or 1 for conference publication
30 = 0
0 = no index
1 = index
32 = blank
33 = 0
34 = blank
35-37 = eng [unless some other language]
38 = blank

*010 $zprint LCCN>
*020 $aeISBN$qelectronic
*020 $zprint ISBN$qprint
*040 $aCaBNVSL$beng$erda$cCaBNVSL$dCaBNVSL
050 4 $aLCC> add "eb" to year
082 04 $aDDC>$2ed.> Do not assign if lacking.
*090 $a$bBegell$eeISBN> [Deleted on export; $e moved to 001]
In absence of eISBN, use print ISBN prefixed by "p".
In absence of both, assign and use SLC RSN.
*093 $aBegelldate> [Deleted on export]
In absence of eISBN, use print ISBN prefixed by "p"
100 1 $aAuthor> [Check against LC authorities & earlier records done]
111 2 $aConference name> [if conference proceedings]

100/700/110/710 relator terms

After main and added entries, enter following final mark of punctuation $e(s), and one or more RDA terms. {recede and separate $e's with commas.

245 10 $a<Title>$h**[electronic resource] :$b<subtitle> /$c<Statement of responsibility.>
246 30 $a<Distinctive part of title>.
250 $a<Edition>.

If originally published by Begell

*264 1 $aRedding, Connecticut :$bBegell House, Inc. (50 Cross Highway, Redding, CT 06896),$cyear.

If originally published by another publisher:

*264 1 $a$b$c Original publisher

*264 31 $aRedding, Connecticut :$bBegell House, Inc. (50 Cross Highway, Redding, CT 06896),$cyear

*300 $a1 PDF (X, X> pages) :$billustrations.

*336 $atext$2rdaontent
*337 $aelectronic$2isbdmedia
*338 $aonline resource$2rdacarrier

490 1 $aBegell digital library
490 1 $aSeries title as in item>,$xISSN> ;$v
504 $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. ).
505 0 $aContents>; cut & paste chapter titles from PDF or website,
*506 $aRestricted to subscribers or individual electronic text purchasers.
520 3 $aSbstract/summary/blurb cut and pasted> [If more than 300 words, use first one or two paragraphs only.]
*530 $aAlso available in print.
*538 $aMode of access: World Wide Web.
*588 Title from PDF title page (<Begell House Web site, viewed date>)

650 0 $a<LCSH>
653 $a<Author assigned keyword from end of abstract> [one per 653]
*655 0 $aElectronic books.
700 1 $a<Added personal entry>
710 2 $aBegell House, Inc.,$epublisher.
710 2 $a<Added corporate entry>.
740 0 $a<Added analytic title entry>.
767 Translation entry. Leave in.
*776 08 $iPrint version:$10 digit ISBN$z13 digit ISBN>$w(DLC) LCCN has 3 spaces (if not letters), and 0's replacing hyphen to make 8 spaces.
830 0 $aBegell digital library.
830 0 $aSeries title> ;$vxx. $xISSN [See list below] ["(Online)" qualifier not used because of PCC Task Force recommendation]
*856 40 $3Begall House$uhttp://
990 $aCataloguer's initials>. [Removed on export]


Electronic Serial Record Template

LDR/06 Type of record
Use "a" for language material

LDR/07 Bibliographic level
Use "s" for serial; "i" for integrating resource
When coding "i" use 310 $aContinuously updated

LDR/17 Encoding level
Use blank or 1
Blank = full level
1 = full level, material not examined (for converted print records)

LDR/18 Descriptive cataloging form
Use ."a"
001 Control number
Export eISSN or print ISSN prefixed by "p"

003 Control number identifier
006 Additional material characteristics
Use byte 00 = "m" for computer file/electronic resource

007 Physical characteristics
Use byte 00 = "c" for electronic resource and byte 01 = "r" for
remote access , or q for in house. Code s is obsolete.

008/bytes 00-05 Date entered
System entered
008/06 Publication status
Use "c" for currently published
Use "d" for ceased publication
Use "u" for unknown
08/7-14 Dates of publication
Use bytes 7-10 for start date
Use byes 11-14 for ending date (or 9999 to reflect currently
Use dates of print publication, even if not all on the website.
008/15-17 Place of publication Variable = ctu
008/18-19 Frequency/Regularity
Leave in derived records
008/21 Type of continuing resource
Use "n" for newspaper
Use "p" for periodical
8/22 Form of original item
Use blank
008/23 Form of item
Use "o" for online
08/24-32 Fixed field data elements
Use blanks
008/33 Original alphabet or script of title
Use blank
008/34 Entry convention
Use 0 for successive entry
008/35-37 Language
Use "eng" unless another language

008/38 Modified record
Use blank

008/39 Cataloging source
Use "d" for other

022 ISSN
Use $a for EISSN
Use $y for print ISSN

040 Cataloging source

041 Language(s)
If coding more than one language, include 546.

043 Area
If coding 043, include a 6XX$z

050 LC Call Number

Class newspapers in AN divided like AP.

082 DDC
Leave in but do not assign unless requested

090 $a$bBegell$e
In absence of eISSN, use print ISSN with prefix "p"
In absence of both, assign and use SLC RSN.

093 $aBegel;

110 Corporate main entry

Very rare; only used for such things as annual reports. Cf. 910.

130 Uniform title main entry
Leave if present

210 Abbreviated title
Do not enter, but leave in derived records

222 Key title
Leave if present

245 $aTitle statement
Transcribe as it appears on chief source.
245 $h[gmd]
Use [electronic resource]

245 :$b Other title information
Transcribe only if needed to clarify or support title proper
Normally record subtitles only in 246 13

245 =$b Parallel title, initialism/acronym
Enter parallel titles as per AACR2

Create 246 11 for parallel title,
246 13 for initialism/acronym

245 $n$p Number/Part titles
Use $n for number of part/section of the piece
Use $p for name of part/section of the piece

246 Variant title

246 11 $aParallel title.
246 1 $iNote$aTitle.
246 13 $aVariant title.

Enter final perios as per SLC policy

If originally published by Betgell:
*264 1 $aRedding, Conn. :$bBegell House, Inc. (50 Cross Highway, Redding,
CT 06896),$c
If originally published by another publisher:
*264 1 $a$b$c Original imprint
*264 31 $aRedding, Conn. :$bBegell House, Inc. (50 Cross Highway, Redding,
CT 06896),$c

$c [SLC supples as per AACR2 although CONSER does not require.
Use dates of print publication, even if not all on the website. ]

300 Physical description
300 $a PDFs ( volumes) :$billustrations
Closed run:
300 $a20 PDFs (20 volumes :$billustrations
Portion of closed run available:
300 $a<10> PDFs (<10> vilumes :$billistrations

310 Current frequency
321 Former frequency
362 Numbering\ Accept as found

515 Complicated numbering
*530 Alao available in print.
*588 $aTitle from PDF issue (Begell House Web site, viewed date>)
Use earliest issue available


*655 0 $aElectronic journals.

*710 2 $aBegell House, Inc.

*776 08 $iAlso issued in print:$t

776 08 $iAlso issued in print:$tArchivos en medicina familiar.
776 08 $iAlso issued in print:$tInternational journal of social health
information management$x1942-9665$w(DLC)

*856 Electronic access
Note URL is coded $u

990 Cataloguer's initials


Catalogue websites as integrating resources, with SMD "website" and 655 0 $aWeb sites.


Aatalogue cpmferemces as monographs, with 245$n if needed.


Tim loads to OCLC and adds 035 OCN until an account is established.

OCLC Manual Updating Instructions (updated 17 January 2013)

I use OCLC Connexion Client.

Account number: 100-124-074
password: jin

Before importing the records into the save file, you can change the eLvl and
040 to what it should be in MarcEdit (the 049 is J2IA by default)

1. First you need to load the .mrc file into the client. Go to "File",
"Import records"

2. Put the file name in the first box (or browse and select it)

3. I always use a local save file (habit, online should be OK as long as you
empty it when done)

4. Select a bibliographic save file name (I usually click on local file
manager and create one called 'junk' or something that I know is temporary

5. Hit OK, and it will process the records and come back with a screen
detailing any problems and the numbers loaded. I NEVER delete the original
file because I need it to send to Matt or Gary.

6. Close the report.

7. Open the local save file by going to "Cataloging", "Search", "Local save
file", check to make sure the local file has the right name and hit enter.

8. The local file comes up. Before loading to OCLC, the 040 needs to be
changed to 'CaBNvSL ?c J2I ?d J2I' and the 049 changed to J2IA. I do this
using constant data, but you can do it manually or with copy/paste if you
don't want to learn another step. To set up constant data, go to
'cataloging', 'create', 'constant data', click ok on books. Type in what you
want applied to every record. Fixed fields (encoding level) have to be done
manually. Save the constant data record, give it a name. You can then use it
on individual records, or highlight the whole list, then apply the cd record
(edit, constant data, local, apply from list).

9. You also need to change the eLvl to 'I', which can't be done via constant

10. I usually take advantage of the spell checking "F7" and validating
headings ("shift"-"F5") feature in OCLC to make sure I didn't miss

11. Search each record "F2", make sure it's not already in the database. If
not, update holdings "F8" to add the record to the database.

12. Copy the OCLC number into your original record (in Bibliofile, ITS, or
MARCEdit) in the 035 (OCoLC)xxx so Matt will have it when he processes
your file.

13. Delete the holdings in OCLC (This symbol doesn't own the item), by going
to "Action", "Holdings", "Delete holdings" - Or You can delete
holdings for multiple records by highlighting them all, just like step 14.

14. Go to the next record and repeat. After all are done, you can delete the
records in the file by highlighting them all and using the trash can icon.
Most of the actions listed above also have icons if you prefer using them.


Tim sends to Matt.


Charged Begall:

MARC records original: $11.00 per record

MARC compatible recordd: $1.00 per record

OCLC OCN:$1.00

MARC records derved from print records: $7.00 per record
Record processing: $1.50


MARC original records: $8.00 per record

Cut and paste 505/520 in derived record $2.00

MARC derived records: $2.00 per record

OCLC OCN:$1.00