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Atma Global

WHO Code
41 West 25th St. 8th Fl.
New York
Zip/Postal Code
Sanjyot Dunung
(212) 254-0083
RDA Procedures


26 September 2012

Atma Global titles (distributed by BEP) are cataloged by Susan; completed records
are loaded by Matt to OCLC, 035 PCN added, and then an URL sent to the client.

BEP sends the PDFs for Atma to ebrary on the 20th of each month. Ebrary then assigns
doc IDs, which Susan should receive in a spreadsheet. SLC then creates MARC records
and transmits these to ebrary. At the next 20th of the month. MARCs are then uploaded
at ebrary, following the book upload by a month.

Atma website:

SLC prepares whole work (and formerly chapter level) electronic records. No records
for print versions are prepared. The 090$e of the whole work records are the ebrary
numbers, provided by ebrary. The 090$e of the chapter level records were the eISBNs
plus chapter numbers (01, 02, etc.) or letters for part (tc for table of contents, etc.)

BEP will notify Susan of the publication of a new title prior to ebrary's sending the
ebrary number. Susan retains the record until the ebrary number is received, substituting i
t for the 090$eISBN before sending to Matt.

Electronic Whole Word Record Template:

001: SLC RSN [moved to 035 with 090$ee-ISBN substituted on export]

04 = n
06 = a
07 = m [note that chapter level records are change to "a"]
08 = blank
09 = blank
17 = blank
18 = i

00 = m
01-04 = blank
05 = e
06-08 = blank
09 = d
10-17 = blank

00 = c
01 = r
02 = blank
03 colour
a = one colour
b = black and white
c = multicoloured
04 = n
05 = blank
06-08 = |
09 = m
10-12 = |
13 = a

06 = s
07-10 year
15-17 = nyu
blank = no illustrations
a = illustrations
d = charts
e = plans
k = forms
22 = f
23 = o
a = abstracts
b = bibliographical references
28 = blank
29 = 0
30 = 0
0 = no index
1 = index
32 = blank
33 = 0
34 = blank
35-37 = eng [unless some other language]
38 = blank

010 $aLCCN
020 $aISBN$qelectronic
020 $zISBN$qprint
024 7 $aDOI$2doi
035 $aSLC RSN> (CaBNVSL) [created on export]
040 $aCaBNVSL$beng$erda$cCaBNVSL$dCaBNVSL
050 4 $aLCC
082 04 $aDDC
090 $a$baTMA$eebrary # [deleted on export; $e moved to 001]
093 $aAtmadate [Deleted on export]
100 1 $a Author 1 [check against LC authorities & earlier records done]

100/700/110/710 relator terms

After main and added entries, enter following final mark of punctuation
$e(s), and one or more RDA terms. {recede and separate $e's with

245 10 $aTitle :$subtitle /$cStatement of reponsibility.
246 30 $aDistinctive part of title.
250 $aEdition.,
264 1 $aNew York, N.Y. (41 West 25th St. 8th Fl., New York, NY 10010):$bAtma Global,$cyear.
[008/7-10 same as 264$c]
264 2 $a[New York, N.Y. (222 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017)]
:$b[Business Expert Press],$cyear.
300 $a1 PDF ( pages) :$bill.ustrations (if present)
*336 $atext$2rdaontent
*337 $aelectronic$2isbdmedia
*338 $aonline resource$2rdacarrier
490 1 $aSeries title,$xISSN ;$v
504 $aIncludes bibliographical references ( p. ) and index.
505 0 $aContents; cut & paste from pdf
506 $aAccess restricted to authorized users and institutions.
520 $aAbstract; cut and paste from PDF..
[if an abstract is more than half a screen, use first one or two
paragraphs only, or otherwise reduce.]
530 $aAlso available in print.
538 $aMode of access: World Wide Web.
588 $aTitle from PDF t.p. (viewed on date).
650 0 $aLCSH
653 $aAuthor assigned keyword from end of abstract if any [one per 653]
700 1 $aAdded personal entry.
710 2 $aAtma Global (Firm),$epublisher.
710 2 $aAdded corporate entry.
740 0 $aAdded analytic title entry.
830 0 $aSeries title,$xISSN ;$v# [cut and paste from item]

856 48 $3Publisher's website:$u
990 $aCataloguer's initials. [removed on export]

Susan sends records to Matt

Matt loads Atma records using the BEP OCLC account, adding OCoLC 035

Vdata Account Instructions for Sending MARC Files to OCLC
Business Expert Press:

Password: zBtMA|qD
Username: nybep

Your password is case sensitive, so do not use ZbTma|Qd, but rather zBtMA|qD.
Your username is also case sensitive, so do not use NYBEP but rather nybep.

The machine supports both sftp and ftp although sftp is the preferred method.
The following are examples for using sftp and ftp, respectively, for the transmission.

Method One: sftp
1) sftp (nybep is your OCLC symbol or username)
2) enter the password zBtMA|qD when prompted
3) cd wcp/in/matching
4) put vrcp20080829 (This example assumes vrcp20080829 is the file on your
system -- you may use any file name that you wish.)
5) quit
Method Two: ftp
1) ftp
2) nybep (nybep is your OCLC symbol or username)
3) enter the password zBtMA|qD when prompted
4) cd wcp/in/matching
5) put vrcp20080829 (This example assumes vrcp20080829 is the file on
your system -- you may use any file name that you wish.)
6) quit

File Names:
Avoid special characters in file names, such as ~!@#$%^&*()_+=-/'"][{}|\.
Avoid diacritics like acute, umlaut, etc. (Examples: á, ö, ã, etc.)
Avoid using spaces; our system will not recognize the existence of a
file with a space in the file name.

If you send more than one file in a day, give a unique name to each file.
You may name the file on our system anything (with the exceptions noted
here), but having the file in the proper directory, wcp/in/matching, is very important.

Matt loads MARC records of whole works (LDR/07 = m) with ebrary RSNs to
the ebrary ftp site, instructions to be sent to:


Send monthly invoice to

Rich invoices Atma


Charged Atma

MARC original record: $11.00
NARC e0record from print record: $7.00
DDC if added $2.00
Record processing: $1.50
OCLC loading: $1.00 per record

Paid Cataloguers

MARC original record: $8.00
NARC derived record: $2.00
DDC if added $2.00
OCLC loading: $1.00 per record