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Workplace safety & Prevention Services

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1549 Clairmont Road Suite 202
Zip/Postal Code
L4W 0A1
T 905 614 1400 x2387| 1 877 494 WSPS F 905 614 1414`
RDA Procedures

22 April 2013

WSPS is a small library with one location and sublocations.

The occupational health and safety texts are housed in the general
stacks area (OHS), There is a reference collelction (REF), a
government document section (DOC), a standards section (STANDARD), and
a business and management section (BM).

Scans of front matter are sent to the cataloguer.

WSPS has no ILS, but rather an EBSO discovery layer. Records are
uploaded to the EBSCO FTP sitem contact Leanne O'Brien

In all records:

035 $a(WSPS) number from 090$e
This is in addition to SLC's 035. There will be no OCN 035.

Add 040$beng$erda if lacking

090 0 $aCalll number$bWSPS$ccopy number(s) usually 1$dvolume numbers
if any$elast 5 digits oF ISBN, or if lacking SLC RSN$fOHS or REF or
DOC or BM or STANDARDS$zpaper back or bouhd if known

090$e exported as 001

Other 090 subfields exported as:

852 $aWSPS$bOHS or REF or DOC or BM or STANDARDS$hClass
number$iLetters/Cutter/etc.$tCopy number(expressed as 1 copy, 2
copies, etc.)$rpaperback or bound if known

If print:

336 $atext$2rdacontent
337 $aunmedicate$2rdamedia
338 $avolume$2rdacarrier

Or adjust as appropriate if other media.

For Business Books:
Class scheme: 050 LCC, 082s deleted on export
Sublocation: Business Management (BM)
Subject Headings: 650 0 LCSH

For Occupational Health and Safety Texts and Standards:
Class scheme: 084 CIS, exported as 082, other 082s amd 050s deleted
Call number for standards: 088 report number, delete 050s, 082s
Sublocation: Occupational Health and Safety texts (OHS), reference
section (REF), standards (STANDRDS)
Subject headings: 650 0 LCSH

To create a CIS call number (084 exported as 082) enter the 3 digit
CIS number, and the two letter book mark, written on the scan. Add
the last five digits of the 020 ISBN (090$e) as the third line. In
the absence of ISBN, use the last 5 digits of the SLC RSN.

The CIS number reflects what the text is generally about (e.g. Fire
safety - 340). Next from the ILO thesaurus, a letter designation
reflects the text's subject matter (e.g. smoke detectors - PY). The
final number is from the 001 control field.

Example of OHS Call number:
084 $a340 PY 51782 [exported as 082. with other 082 and 050s
deleted; also entered in 090$a, exported as 852$h$i]

If 090$f/852$bOHS. enter:
390 $aVYC plus 090$e number

990 $aCataloguer's initials

send records as .mrc file to

Matt loads records to EBSCO FTP site.

Send invoices to


Nhr noshade>

Charged WSPS

MARC records $11.00
Record handling $1.50

Paid cataloguers:

Derived MARC records $4.00
Original MARC records $6.00