Sending Material for Cataloguing


28 December 2010

To obtain MARC records for electronic resources, send a spreadsheet with ISBN of original print version (if also in print form), eISBN, and DOI (if any,) with title and URL of the PDF to:
matt [at] slc [dot] bc [dot] ca

If preferred, SLC cataloguers may be given access to the material to be catalogued on the client's website. (The MARC record may contain the URL you send for the PDF, or the URL of your website, as you choose.)

For print materials, cataloguing is usually based on a photocopy or scan of the recto and verso of the title page. If the item lacks cataloguing in publication (CIO) on the verso of the title page, and the title is not explicit, the table of contents or first page of the preface may be included.

For nonbook materials, e.g., CD's, DVD's, photocopies or scans of covers and accompanying material.

Photocopies or scans of title pages (front and back) should have collation (number of pages or volumes) written on. Include "ill." if illustrated. Size need be given for photocopies only if the item is more that 28 cm; for smaller items we can measure the exposure.

Please add whether there is an index, and bibliographical references, with paging for a bibliography. Law firms may wish to add "Tables of cases and statutes."

In addition to ambiguous titles with no CIP (cataloguing in publication), you may include table of contents if you wish a contents note (505).

If item is a Canadian law symposia, please photocopy or scan the table of contents, for inclusion in the Canadian Law Symposia Index.

Variations on the collation include such forms as:

x, 100 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
1 v. (various pagings) ;$c28 cm. [even if in binder, if not updated]
1 v. (loose-leaf) ; 28 cm. [if updated]
2 v. (x, 1105 p.) ;$c24 cm. [if continuously paged]
2 v in 1 ; 26 cm.
1 computer disc
1 score (vi, 27 p.) + 10 parts
1 website
1 videodisc

SLC policy is to class all material in monograph numbers unless otherwise requested. If you wish an item to be in a collected number, or to have the same number as earlier editions or issues, note the number you wish.

If the photocopied or scanned material does not have the place it was produced, the publisher or printer, or the date of production, please give your best guesses. Dates may be guessed as [2004?] or [200-?]; please at least guess the decade.

When requesting added copies, added volumes, or changes, please include the RSN (001). A later copy of a title is assumed to be an added copy.

When no location is given, SLC assumes your main location in cases of multiple locations.

We have daily delivery by several couriers at our mountain top location. FedEx is particularly good in making deliveries. UPS and the Canada Post service are less good. In the few cases in which libraries want labels ($1/5o per set), they will be sent by FedEx unless you request otherwise. Some prefer mailing (less cost). Most clients now get only the MARC records, and print their own labels.

Photocopies may be mailed to:

Special Libraries Cataloguing
4493-B Lindholm Road
Victoria BC V9C 3Y1 Canada

Scans may be sent to:

scans [at] slc [dot] bc [dot] ca

Records may be sent you as either .mrc files, or placed on our website for your downloading; we would send at URL.